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Projects Updates for Topic: Bicycles


  1. Plans underway for September 2018 event

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    We have decided on the original two locations:

    • Illinois and Lincoln
    • Alma Mater

    Date agreed upon was Thursday, September 20, 2018. 4:30 – 7:00 PM.


    Light selection is half Planet Bike Blinky sets and half silicone–wrap sets. MTD will be ordering $3,000 of the silicone lights and TBP will, with their approval, order $3000 of PB Blinky sets.


    With the speed of distribution last year the stations ran out of lights before the end of the event. This year we will not need the reflector station.


    F&S would like to see if we can set-up the event to spend some time talking to the recipient of lights about bike safety and/or do an ABC Quick Check before we install the lights.

  2. Thanks UIUC for all the wonderful bicycles


    Thanks for all the wonderful bicycles that UIUC donated to Working Bikes programs.  We estimate that we received over 330 bicycles from the 2017 collection last week.

    99% of the bikes will be repaired and given away locally or internationally for free.  The other three or four bikes out of the 330 will be fixed and sold to support our mission.

    Most of the bicycles will be sent the Lesotho with Bikes for Lesotho.  These will be loaded tomorrow and Wednesday.

    We also have many local partner organizations that receive free bikes.



    Lee Ravenscroft

  3. Weekly Update

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    All, last week was slow at the beginning every day of the week but by around 4pm things would pick up drastically and we’d be “All Stands Full” for the last hour or so. I used to blame the uptick around 4pm on class schedules but it’s summer so now I have no idea why we get busier then.

    Visitors count was at 100 even (for the second week in a row, I believe).

    Total sales: $1,363.10; refurbished bike sales: 3 for $430; Build-a-Bikes: 3 for $250; memberships: 11 for $330; consumables (cables/housing, tires/tubes): 27 between the four of those, totaling $85.10.

    Last week was the conclusion of having Kameron, the high school student, helping here at the CBC. He really warmed up to being here, I think (or so I tell myself) and was much more comfortable organizing and sorting small esoteric bike parts than doing anything bigger like stripping or building up bicycles.

    On  Friday I made a bike run to the warehouse and picked up 10 bikes. I saw a great number of decent and capable commuter bikes, dotted amongst the majority of WalMart-level junk. It was good to get an injection of new bike blood into the crop of bikes available here.

    I also put the final touches on the ECS bike share bikes and outfitted them with baskets.

    This week I will process and build some of the new bikes as demand for for-sale bikes is increasing. I have begun to hear back from returning student staffers about possible scheduling, which is helpful, so I will continue to plan for that.  


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  4. Weekly Update

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    All, we were closed this past week for the Thanksgiving break. The week prior to that was slow; we only had 46 visitors. Gross sales were $403.50. We sold three memberships for a total of $90. We didn’t sell any build-a-bikes nor any shop builds.

    On Friday (18th) Working Bikes came down and took all of the scrap bikes that they did not want for their earlier shipment. The warehouse is now completely empty and ready for next year’s crop of abandoned bikes.

    This week I plan to continue shop builds and move some bikes to the Urbana shop as this space is beyond its bike-capacity. I will work on bettering the staff manual/list of guidelines in advance of next semester’s student workers. I will be attending the public forum for the Campus Master Plan on Wednesday evening.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  5. ZAP! Program in Minnesota

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    Minnesota has been tracking bicycle commutes for the past few years using Radio-Frequency Identification tags (RFID tags). The progam has been successful at making it quick and easy for bicycle commuters to log their trips on to campus and enter them in to raffles or gain wellness points.

    More information here:


    Interesting program to watch as it has a positive impact on the Minneapolis/St. Paul mode-share.

  6. Bike Theft Prevention Ideas from Peter Davis

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    Let's make C-U a bike thief Un-Friendly Community.

    I think that our local cycling community would benefit from a relatively simple system which would compile and distribute information on stolen bikes.  I gave it some thought last night and we discussed and refined a possible system at our weekly staff meeting this morning.  This is not a finished product and I'd welcome suggestions to improve it.  But here's the idea.

    The system would consist of three parts:

    1. An easy way for the owner to register their bike as stolen.
    2. A way to disseminate that information to appropriate people in our community.
    3. An accessible list of stolen bikes that people could refer to.

    Champaign Cycle is volunteering to set up and run this system.  We could implement it in the following manner:

      1.  Register your bike as stolen.

    The bike owner would email  (I'm changing this to with "Stolen Bike" as the subject and provide the information on the stolen bike.  We will develop an email form that they could fill out and email back.  That form would include:


    • *Serial Number
      • Check with the bike shop you bought the bike from.  They should have recorded the serial number and have that record for you.
    • *Brand
    • *Model
    • *Color
    • *Frame type (men's or women's frame)
    • *Bike Shop Sticker
    • *Distinctive Features (white aero wheels, yellow baby seat with frog stickers, 12" rusty scratch on top tube, black fenders and rear rack)
    • Size (frame size or wheel size)
    • Style (road, mountain, hybrid, cruiser, kids, etc)
    • Where it was purchased
    • Year Purchased
    • Date Stolen
    • Location of theft (First and John, Cherry Hills, UI Library)
    • Locked with (U lock, cable, chain, in garage, unlocked)
    • *Name
    • *Email
    • *Phone

    We would ask that the Police departments also submit their stolen reports so we could disseminate their information.

    All this information would help everyone identify the bike to help return it to its owner.  The information could also provide a view of how big a problem bike theft is and where and how bikes are stolen.

      2.  Dissemination of stolen bike information to interested parties.

    We would maintain an email list and we would send the information on the stolen bike to:

    • Police: Champaign, Sheriff, UI, Urbana
    • CCB eMail list
    • KMBC eMail list
    • PCC eMail list
    • UC Bike Ride eMail list
    • Bakers Bikes
    • Bike Project
    • Bikeworks
    • Durst Cycles - Urbana and Champaign
    • Itty Bitty Bike Shop
    • Neutral Cycle Workshop
    • The local pawn shops

       3.  Maintain an accessible list of stolen bikes.

    We would maintain a list of the stolen bikes on a page on our website to which anyone could refer at any time.  It would be under the Service Tab as Stolen Bikes.  The list would include all the stolen bikes reported to us and would be sortable by column of the categories listed on the report form.  So you'd be able to sort the list by brand, serial number, or whatever.  That way you wouldn't have to print out each report or keep a list which might be out of date. 

    So that's the system as we envision it.  We could have it up and running next week.  Any ideas on improving it would be welcome.  We don't suggest that this is a finished project.  It can evolve as we gain experience with it.  I would especially appreciate input from our Police departments.  I'd also be glad to hand this off to another organization, but we are happy to develop and maintain it.  I don't think it will be much of a job for our staff.  We've assigned a person to administer it.  The thing that will make it work and be effective is that we list all the stolen bikes.  So promoting notifying the system of your stolen bike is very important. 

    As this system became more widely used, and more widely known, it should act as a bicycle theft deterrent.  If prospective thieves know there is a system to register stolen bikes and that there are Police, bike shops, pawn shops, and individuals on the outlook for stolen bikes, it may make stealing less attractive.  Think of this as a Bicycle Community Watch.

    What do you think?

    Peter Davis
    Champaign Cycle