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Projects Updates for Topic: native plants


  1. South Campus Afforestation Recommendation - Transmittal to the unit

    The recommendation was submitted to the NRES unit on March 2, 2018, by Morgan White. Jay Hayek, Extension Forestry Specialist in NRES, will be planting 2 acres of trees at the southwest corner of Race Street and Windsor Road.  The trees were purchased by the Champaign County Rotary Club.  There will be a wide variety of native oak and hickory species that come in 3 gallon containers and range in height from 3-6 feet.  The Students for Environmental Concerns (SECS) plan to assist with planting the trees, when they are delivered in early April.

    See iWG ALUFS003 Assessment

    See SWATeam ALUFS003 Recommendation

  2. John Marlin speaks at Campus Appreciation Day

    Dr. Marlin spoke on how student initiated projects in the 1970s carried over to the present including recycling, river protection, highway policy and bikeways. The majority of his presentation focused on student involvement in local native planting projects to help preserve biodiversity, especially of pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

  3. Update from John Marlin to potential volunteers

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    Most of you have had some direct involvement with the LAR LLC planting that is in progress.  It started last spring and now has a ~$5000 grant from the Student Sustainability Committee. The past two weeks have seen a lot of progress as plants were removed from propagation beds and transplanted to the front and N side of LAR. 

    Here are a few shots with some of you featured.  I will make more available later to individuals.  

    The recent planting contains mostly woodland wildflowers that are currently dormant.   the straws mark the locations so we do not plant over them during the next couple weeks.   Hopefully they will survive the winter since there are other plants that go in early in the spring.

    The LLC has some weeding tools and watering cans in the building that LAR students can access.   We will need to water plants and do some weeding this week.  If you have a break or get done before dark you might be able to do some weeding on the S side of the building.  Gwenna or I may have to show you what to take out. 

    We are likely to have some more planting next weekend.   Probably Saturday (and maybe Sunday) morning around 10.  Sunday afternoon some of us will be with Red Bison at the South Arboretum Woods near the pollinatarium by Lincoln and Windsor.   Any of you are welcome there. 

    Attached are also a couple posters showing the kinds of woodland plants that are going in.

    John C. Marlin


    The files are on the main project page.

  4. idea for a Native Plants and Pollinator support discussion group

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    In August, this group discussed the general topic of native plants and pollinator support. We considered options for measuring the effectiveness of the current landscape as pollinator support, and we considered methods for encouraging more native plantings throughout the community.  One big hurdle is that there is no actual funding available.  One of the examples of past success with a similar situation is Champaign County Bikes, where a group of highly motivated community members worked together to change the bicycling culture.  We determined that a good first step would be for iSEE to invite interested individuals together to discuss options for moving forward.  (There are several groups that should be invited, so it will not be difficult to find the interested folks.)

    Scott Tess, from the City of Urbana, provided the following related links:

  5. Layout of Demonstration Plots

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    Here is the layout of the 4 prairie plots just west of the pollinatarium building and wooded area.  They are designed to give decision makers and homeowners an idea of how prairie plantings of different heights can look.

    The plant mix is good for pollinators and will have something in bloom most of the growing season, it was however limited by what we could get late in the late spring. 

    ~John C. Marlin, PhD, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

  6. Update from Bill Krudienier

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    There are native plants throughout the Arboretum and in concentrated paces around the ponds - wetland and mezic.  There is also a prairie just south of the Polinatarium, maintained by John Marlin and volunteers.