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Projects Updates for Topic: renewables


  1. Solar Installations - preliminary list

    Associated Project(s): 

    Facilities & Services created a list of existing and planned Solar installations on campus:

    a.       Installed:

    i.         #1206 BIF – Approx. 3,700-4,000 s.f. on a building roof.

    b.      Active:

    i.        Approx. 20”x20” panel for a fixed speed radar detector near lot E-15.

    ii.       Approx. 20”x20” panel to power lights for pedestrian crossing on Springfield Avenue.  Lights have been removed due to maintenance issues.  Panel remains.

    iii.      Approx. 20”x20” panel for a mobile speed radar detector on Lincoln Avenue.

    iv.      Approx. 20”x20” panel for an electric tractor/mower charger.  Item is off the grid.  Location?

    c.       In Planning:

    i.         #0052 KCPA

    ii.       #0409 Electrical and Computer Engineering along with #1094 NCPD

    iii.       South solar farm

    iv.       Housing

    v.        #0118 ARC - Solar Thermal

                    vi.       Residence Hall #3

                   vii.       College of Engineering discussing something at MNTL with grant funds. 


  2. Inception of Wind Turbine Project

    In the spring of 2003, the idea of Wind energy was proposed by the Students for Environmental Concerns (SECS). Many colleges and universities in the recent years have shown interest in renewable energies and installing wind turbines for even small amount of wind energy would be a great gesture on the university's part to achieve sustainable renewable energy.