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Projects Updates for Topic: SSC


  1. Positions determined for FY14

    Working Group Formation and Chair Selection

    a.       Energy

    Chair: Jessica DeWitt

    b.       Water

    Chair: Amy Liu

    c.        Food/Waste

    Chair: Maria Jones

    d.       Land

    Chair: Amy Liu

    e.       Transportation

    Chair: Katie Kinley

    f.        Education

    Chair: Nishant Makhijani

     Subcommittee Formation and Chair Selection

    a.       Executive

    Chair: Marika

    b.       Finance

    Chair: Katie

    c.        Bylaws

    Chair: Nishant

    d.       Marketing

    Chair: Marlon

  2. Art and Design bike racks funded

    Associated Project(s): 

    To Davie Akins, Please proceed with the bike parking upgrade on the west side of Art and Design, per the previous discussions we have had.  The SSC funding will contribute $11,849.50 from CFOP: 1-629514-814006-xxxxxx-191200-814BIK. - from Morgan Johnston

  3. Funding request submitted to SSC for FY14

    Associated Project(s): 

    F&S requested $30,266 funding from the SSC for the Campus Bicycle Shop for fiscal year 2014.  The funding was awarded, contingent on not requesting additional funding in future years.

    According to the funding award letter, "Because SSC grants are intended as seed or bridge funding, this grant was approved with the understanding that this project will not seek SSC funding in future years."

  4. Land Project Liaisons (Leaders) selected

    See list:

    • Florida-Orchard Prairie
      • Aaron & John, Ellen(?) & Lindsey M.:
    • Chi Omega Wildflower Planting
      • John Marlin & Lindsey M.:
      • MJ will talk to Foundation re: the Memorial Fund
      • Lindsey & John M. plan to talk w/Ron
    • OD Community Garden
      • Michelle & __:
    • OD Multi-functional Landscape
      • Aaron & John(?) & __:
    • Military Axis Project
      • Aaron & John & __:
    • FS-SSC Land Protocol
      • Aaron & John & __?
    • map of native landscapeable spaces?
      • ME and RW landscape master plan?
    • Housing gardens – Division, SLLC
      • Lindsay D. & __:
    • Landscape signage network
      • Bob Pahre & __: with assistance from Morgan
    • Burrill/Morrill Rain Gardens:
      • ??


  5. Final Bike Sharing Feasibility Study Submitted to SSC

    The final report for the Bike Sharing Feasibility Study was submitted to SSC. The study recommends the following three tiered approach to bicycle sharing on the Urbana-Champaign campus: 

    1. Bikes available for employees – The small existing program at Kinesiology and Community Health should be replicated at departments throughout campus. The program needs to be approved by Legal Counsel, Risk Management, Purchasing, and interested Colleges.  Then it should be promoted to departments, to encourage them to invest in bicycles for their employees and provide them with a simple support system for maintenance and tracking.
    2. Bikes available for short-term rentals – As an interim solution until the campus can handle a large-scale bike sharing program, the small existing program at Campus Recreation should be expanded with support from the Student Sustainability Committee.  They should increase the number of bicycles available, make the program self-sufficient financially, and market the program to visitors, conference attendees, faculty, staff, and students. A similar program could be investigated for the Illini Union. 
    3. Bike solutions for students and the public – Before this campus is ready to pursue a public bike sharing system, we must first address the issues regarding degraded infrastructure and the need for more bike safety education. Once these issues have been resolved, the campus should renew consideration of several options for bike sharing, such as bicycle libraries, kiosk systems, and GPS-enabled community bikes.  


  6. Funding request submitted to SSC for FY13

    Associated Project(s): 

    In February 2012, The Bike Project submitted a funding request to SSC for $39,872.  In March 2012, the SSC approved this funding. 

    During summer 2012, the University and The Bike Project revised their Facility Use Agreement to clarify their collaborative working relationship.  The SSC sent a clarification letter regarding this update and subsequently completed a revised award letter.

  7. SSC allocated funds to Pool

    Associated Project(s): 

    SSC allocated $100,000 to the Illini Union Revolving Loan Pool.


    1 2012 07   629514 236000 411005 191200 236IUS Illini Union Sustainability