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  1. Status update

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    The display ppts have been distributed and can go on as a static display.  We than the Comminication office of our college for moving forward and we will be ready for testing when the students come back Dec 2.

  2. Meeting with zero waste coordinator set for Dec. 3

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    On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 4:25 PM, Bartels, Bart A <> wrote:I am happy to help.  Love the educational aspect.  Taste testing tables can be very successful along with a cost comparison highlighting how much a student can spend on bottled water that doesn't meet the quality standards of tap water.  Count me in.From: Amy Liu []Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 4:11 PMTo: Johnston, Morgan BCc: David Mischiu; Bartels, Bart ASubject: Re: glass fillers Thanks Morgan!  Bart, I'm entertaining the idea of collaborative educational events and promotions for Tap That. What is your opinion at this point? And would you be interested in meeting on a day after Thanksgiving break to discuss this? Any insight is appreciated. Cheers,Amy Liu

  3. Next set Approved

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    Morgan talked with Amy and David today about this project.  They approve moving forward with the other buildings. They just want us to use good common sense when selecting water fountains worthy of the retrofits.  That is, if you think the fountain should be replaced at some time in the next few years, then don't put a glass filler on it.   We also discussed the issue of potentially changing the project scope to fund some Tap That marketing needs.  Also discussed doing additional fountains in the buildings around the main quad.

  4. Energy Star Challenge email sent out

    Take the U-C ENERGY STAR Challenge!

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    Take the U-C Energy STAR CHALLENGE!

    Benchmark.  Track. Improve.


    The Urbana-Champaign Energy Star Challenge invites building owners and managers to benchmark their 2013 energy use, then track and improve energy use throughout 2014, all with US EPA’s free online tool, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.




    Energy savings are cost savings!  You can’t manage what you don’t measure!  Sign up today and start tracking and improving your building’s energy performance!


    To learn more, contact:

    Scott R. Tess

    P: 217-384-2381

    Buildings will compete against one another to see who can achieve the greatest energy use reduction in 2014 with awards following in early 2015.




    Participants can access free in-person assistance using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager program to manage their building’s energy use.  Additionally, participants will be connected with financial incentives to move their projects forward and technical support to help pinpoint building energy savings.





  5. F&S electronics shutdown policy

    • Electronic Devices Shutdown Policy – Effective Immediately

    As an energy conservation method, F&S is implementing a policy for all individuals to turn off any electronic devices in your office before leaving for the day.  This includes desktop computers, printers, monitors, etc.  Be advised that when you reboot your computer and a patch or update is waiting, it will load and may request a system reboot.  This policy does not include mission critical systems.

  6. Water fountain retrofits completed in first set of buildings

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    Morgan,  We are done with the following-Aces LibraryMain LibraryUndergraduate LibraryGrainger LibraryLoomis I have the parts for the following off the original list and would like to start them with your ok.ArmoryNatural Resources Buillding I would also like to try and install one on the fountain at Wholers and Sibel to see if we can make them work in those buildings. Thanks, Mark WarnerPlumbing Foreman

  7. Bikes in parking decks?

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    Katie,I have not forgotten about this.  I am working on tracking down the “master plan” so to say for the existing parking decks.  Several are in need of repair & we are looking at what to do in the long run.  There is a feasibility study that will take place over the next year or so to determine what to do. I am still looking into covered parking in the unused corners of parking garage spaces, but I want to wisely invest the $ into something that will last for a long time. Thank you for your feedback and patience. From: Johnston, Morgan B Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 5:08 PMTo: Katie KinleyCc: DeLorenzo, StaceySubject: RE: Bike Parking Hi Katie, Stacey DeLorenzo is the new TDM Coordinator and she is handling the bike parking infrastructure needs.  I think that she would be a good first place to start.  I know that the SSC funded bike parking does not include parking inside the North Campus Parking Deck (NCPD), which is the ECE garage you are thinking of. I also know that the Parking Department has historically avoided bike parking inside decks/garages, due to safety concerns.  Stacey can talk with the Parking Director, Michelle Wahl, and perhaps you can work together to get Parking to agree to let some be added there… Stacey, Katie is the SSC Transportation Working Group chair.  So, when we have the ARC’s approval of the new bike racks, she is one who will be copied on the scope change request. Thanks!!Morgan ============================Ms. Morgan B. JohnstonSustainability CoordinatorUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignFacilities & Services, 115J PPSB, MC-8001501 S. Oak, Champaign, IL 61820217-333-2668 mbjohnst@illinois.edu  From: Katie Kinley [] Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 4:54 PMTo: Johnston, Morgan BSubject: Bike Parking Hi Morgan, Who could I ask about whether or not there will be bike parking inside the ECE parking garage?? Thanks, Katie Kinley

  8. Bicycle Class Request Form Created

    In order to gauge demand in existing and new classes, we have created a Bicycle Class Request Form so that students, employees and community members can request new opportunities to learn more about bicycles. The form link appears when an existing bicycle class registration is already full, so that we can estimate how many additional people tried to register for classes that have reached maximum capacity.  The form can also be used to suggest new bicycle safety or mechanics classes. 

  9. Videos

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    We are pleased to provide the two animated files discussed at yesterday’s final presentation of the N. Campus Parking Deck Solar Array Conceptualization:

    • Hanno Weber’s ramp-up animation
    • Time lapse showing the construction of a parking garage solar installation

    Please click the following link to access these two items, and feel free to forward the link to colleagues who would be interested but were not at Thursday’s meeting.