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CWACES (In Progress)


The Center for Water as a Complex Environmental System (CWACES) is an interdisciplinary program at the University to promote research, teaching, and outreach on water in the natural environment. Water quantity and quality are some of the most pressing natural-resource concerns in the modern world. The University has the capacity to be an international leader in these topics by increasing efforts in hydrological research and interdisciplinary research that integrates knowledge of water supply, water quality, sediment dynamics, aquatic ecology, water policy and environmental decision-making.

The University has several resources pertaining to water issues on campus, including the Water Resources Center and the WaterCAMPWS. These programs complement each other, but do not fulfill the same roles. CWACES is designed to explore water issues in complex systems where natural processes and human activity intersect, whereas the Water Resources Center and WaterCAMPWS are more targeted in their basis of research.