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  1. dockless bike sharing article

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    UI officials working on incentives to keep shared bikes in populated areas



    CHAMPAIGN — As a dockless-bike-sharing program inches closer to reality in Champaign-Urbana, University of Illinois officials are working on an incentive program to ensure more bikes rented on campus stay in populated areas.

    The concept, in general, allows people to rent bikes anywhere in town rather than at a fixed location. The two cities and the UI are working on an intergovernmental agreement to have mostly the same rules.

    Lily Wilcock, active transportation coordinator for the UI, said the campus's rules will require the bikes to be returned to a rack so as not to block sidewalks or entrances to buildings, and the UI is working with bike-share companies to make that easier.

    "One of the concerns we had as the University of Illinois was, what do you do if someone just rides it to their house and then they leave it there?" Wilcock said. "Some of the companies have responded to that, in that they've been using in other cities an incentive program. They've been allowing someone to ride the bus out to an area to get the bicycle, and then they get a free ride back to leave it in a more populated area. ... And then they get incentives like a certain amount of ride credit."

    Wilcock said a dockless-bike-sharing system could launch on campus in the fall.

  2. Article: Eco-Olympics builds on success and seeks new leaders

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    Eco-Olympics is a competition focused on bringing hall residents together to make environmental changes that make a lasting impact on the community. Hall-based teams compete with each other in energy reduction efforts. Teams get points for energy reduction per resident as well as the number of residents that sign up, number of events held, social media posts, and how many people attend each event. 

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  3. Article: Cyclists have same rights as cars

    Parkland students may want to consider biking, as it affords them an opportunity to exercise and is an ecofriendly way of getting around. There are dangers associated with cycling though, and there are laws that must be followed to ensure your safety while cycling.

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  4. News article about meeting between the university and City of Urbana

    In December 2010, the News-Gazette published an article regarding the meeting between the university officials and the city of Urbana representatives. In this meeting, the university officials would take questions, concerns, and comments about the wind turbine from the people.