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Projects Updates for Topic: battery recycling


  1. Minutes 4/21/2017

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    The Purhcasing, Waste, and Recycling SWAT Team met to disucss topics including the ethics compliance video and battery recyling. The SWAT Team decided on three recommendations to make to the Associate Director of Campus Sustainability, Ximing Cai. These reccomendations include: 

    1. Promoting the Ethics Compliance Video with a written summary

    2. Implement the approved Paper Policy draft

    3. Continue battery recycling on campus 

    The SWAT Team also discussed efforts to increase recycling/lower the use of paper on campus. One avenue the team considered is urging RSOs to use less paper to promote their activities during Quad Day. 

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  2. Archived info - previous project description

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    University of Illinois Facilities & Services, in coordination with the Office of Sustainability, has developed a recycling program for single-use alkaline batteries. Battery recycling kits containing blue plastic pails were sent out to participants. Participants in the program simply fill the containers with used batteries and follow the instructions for securing and shipping once they are full. Tracking information is then recording on an excel sheet.

    Recycling is done through an outside vendor, Battery Solutions. This vendor accepts single-use (AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V). Battery Solutions also accepts button cells and lithium primary batteries, but leaking lead acid batteries are not accepted and should be disposed of through the Division of Research Safety. Batteries should be individually bagged or have their terminals tapped before being placed in the Battery Solutions container. Each 55-pound container of batteries is sent through FedEx. The cost for the each container to complete the process is $84. The program is funded by Facilities & Services, as to not incur any costs to participating departments.

    This differs from the previous plan, in which the campus only offered recycling for rechargeable batteries.

    Initial campus recycling locations are at the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC), the Illini Union, the Physical Plant Services Building, and the School of Vet Med. Departments are encouraged and expected to use the recycling program, as well.

  3. Archived info - previous project description

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    Facilities & Services has committed to funding a campus-wide battery recycling program, up to $10,000 per fiscal year.  The program was launched in the Spring of 2012 with four locations on campus that accept specific types of rechargeable batteries as well as single-use alkaline batteries.  Two vendors are used to collect and recycle the batteries: Call2Recycle, which accepts rechargeable batteries at no charge to the University; and Battery Solutions, which accepts single-use alkaline batteries and charges for collection.

  4. Call2Recycle Program

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    F&S Environmental Compliance will no longer be tracking the total rechargeable battery recycling for campus.  Individual departments can now work directly with Call2Recycle in order to recycle these rechargeable batteries.