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Projects Updates for Topic: bike

  1. Kick off meeting

    Creative Services hosted a kick-off meeting for the Bike at Illinois website.  Lily Wilcock is now working with them to schedule interviews with various stakeholders. She is using the following message:

    In efforts to improve the experience and safety of our programs, we will be reimagining the Bike at Illinois website. Our first step involves learning about our key audiences so we can determine how we can best serve them online. We’re asking for participants who are willing to give 1 hour interview to our creative team, who will be asking a series of questions and collecting some key insights. This will help us determine what services and information is available, how to best present these in a website, and how we can improve your experience with us in the future.

  2. Update as of 11/16/16

    The past couple weeks have been productive and busy. Follow up emails were sent to those people who filled out our enrollment form but did not reply back after the initial email and already some good responses have come of that. A couple people said they misunderstood and didn't realize that their department would have to purchase the bicycles so they said they weren't interested. A couple said they received the info and were talking to the appropriate people within their departments. A couple others had meetings setup with myself due to the follow up emails. 


    This week I met with Illini Emergency Medical Services who have a bicycle fleet that they use during University events to ensure rapid medical response times. We discussed what was going well for them and what could be improved. They said they would like more publicity so I said that they should absolutely try and get the word out more about their efforts. 

    This week I also met with the Student Planning Organization, the RSO that manages Urban Planning department bicycle fleet. They have 3 bikes that I got to see. We discussed the potential of encouraging more faculty and visiting people's use of the bikes as well as branding for their bikes in an attempt to differentiate them from private bikes. 

    I have also been working on an infographic on "Why Bikes" that details the benefits of cycling on campus. I am hoping this can be passed around with other bicycle fleet documentation we send out. There are a couple drafts still and they are attached to this update as a private file. 



  3. Several LCIs in town

    Currently, there are several League Cycling Instructors in Champaign County.  Notable contacts include: Lily Wilcock, Cynthia Hoyle, and Jeff Yockey.  This training is provided through the League of American Bicyclists, and it supports bike education classes from certified instructors.

  4. weekly digest

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    Hello all,

    This past week was extremely productive.  We saw the culmination of months of hard work in the successful shipment of 402 bikes to Ghana.  There were a lot of obstacles, but we over came them and were able to sustainability turn waste into ecologically friendly transportation for those who do not have any.  We cleaned the Center out and have added a lot of organization.  I spent time working on the ATC search committee items.  Stacey and I met with F&S computer folks who are going to make us an awesome computer registration system.  I have started to look into learning the new software.  I created and sent a mass mail to all registered bike users on campus about safety issues regarding construction by Noyes Lab.  We did a lot of in depth repairs, and looked into holiday closings.  I was added as an admin on some of TBP list serves.  While it adds the responsibility of deleting some spam it will speed up release of important volunteering e-mails and notifications about meetings.

    This week I plan on doing more work on the ATC search committee, sorting small parts, building bikes, and catching up on tasks.

    From the Campus Outpost,
    James Roedl

  5. Date Set for 2013 Light the Night Event

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    The annual Light the Night event will take place onThursday, September 12, 2013, from 4pm-7pm or while supplies last.  As in past years, the 2013 event will take place at the corners of Lincoln Ave. & Illinois St. as well as Green St. & Wright St. The Campus Area Transportation Study (CATS) education working group voted in June to approve the 2013 date for the event, and also selected a new bike light to be distributed this year. The event is jointly funded by the CATS member agencies (University of Illinois, Cities of Urbana and Champaign, and CU-MTD).