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Projects Updates for Topic: bike shop


  1. Name changing to Campus Bike Center

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    The Campus Bicycle Shop is changing its name!  The word "shop" simply didn't reflect the educational and mode-shift mission of this fantastic bicycling resource.  The new name is Campus Bike Center, and we appreciate your support spreading awareness of this change.

  2. Fall 2013 Class Schedules

    In Fall of 2013, the follow classes were offered at the Campus Bicycle Shop.

    All classes are open to students, staff, faculty and the general public. Unless otherwise noted, classes are at 7pm on the date indicated, at the Campus Bicycle Shop, 608 E. Pennsylvania Avenue, Champaign.

    Bicycles, parts, and tools will be provided for the duration of each class, and no previous experience is needed. 

    Tires, Tubes, and Rim Strips

    • October 9, 2013, 7pm $10.
    • Repairing a flat tire can range from an easy 5 minute job to an hour of hard labor. In this class we will go over each part of what makes up a rolling tire, and how to fix it.

    Smooth Shifting

    • October 16, 2013, 7pm $20.
    • This will be a 2-hour class on shifters and derailleurs. We will cover the types of shifters, the derailleurs they actuate, and how to adjust them.

    Choosing the Right Bike

    • Friday, October 25, 2013, 10-11am, ARC Multi-purpose Room 7. FREE.
    • As part of Sustainability Week 2013, the Campus Bicycle Shop is offering a free class on choosing the right bike. This class will cover bike styles, sizing, the difference tire sizes make, and will touch on how frame geometry affects ride quality. The class will help new and existing cyclists understand what bike to purchase, how to go about selecting the right bike, and when to ask for help. **NOTE DATE & LOCATION HAVE BEEN CHANGED FOR THIS CLASS.

    Brake Check

    • October 30, 2013, 7pm $10.
    • In this class we will cover basic brake maintenance and how to adjust commonly used brakes.

    Winterize your Bike

    • November 13, 2013, 7pm $10.
    • This class will show students how to prepare their bike for winter, both for safe riding in winter weather and how to protect your bike from the elements while it's stored outside.

    Put a Bow on it

    • December 11, 2013, 7pm $10.
    • This class will cover the ins-and-outs of packaging a bike for shipment by postal carrier.
  3. Campus Bicycle Shop_Funding Award and Acceptance

  4. Funding request submitted to SSC for FY14

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    F&S requested $30,266 funding from the SSC for the Campus Bicycle Shop for fiscal year 2014.  The funding was awarded, contingent on not requesting additional funding in future years.

    According to the funding award letter, "Because SSC grants are intended as seed or bridge funding, this grant was approved with the understanding that this project will not seek SSC funding in future years."

  5. Funding request submitted to SSC for FY13

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    In February 2012, The Bike Project submitted a funding request to SSC for $39,872.  In March 2012, the SSC approved this funding. 

    During summer 2012, the University and The Bike Project revised their Facility Use Agreement to clarify their collaborative working relationship.  The SSC sent a clarification letter regarding this update and subsequently completed a revised award letter.

  6. Open House, April 2010

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    The Campus Bike Project, located at 608 East Pennsylvania Ave. in Champaign, will hold an open house on Friday, April 23, from noon to 5 p.m. in conjunction with Earth Day. Tours will be available every hour, on the hour, at 12 noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m., and 4 p.m.

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