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  1. Weekly Update - New Staff interview, Staff Retreat

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    All, Not a lot to report from last week. I interviewed another potential student employee. Had some iPad troubles but Omid was here and able to help. Thanks, Omid! There was a bike waiting for me on the outside rack when I pulled up this morning, so that’s continuing to be of service to us. Over the weekend, Todd grabbed the extremely large pile of scrap we had accumulated. Thanks, Todd!

    My staff and I also had an impromptu staff meeting on Friday which we’ll look to continue on a monthly basis from here on out.

    This week I have a Staff Retreat on Friday so I’ll be out of the shop until 4:30 or so and the students will cover for me.

    Visitors: 74
    Sales: $1,027

    Bikes (refurb): 4 for $560
    Membership: 5 for $150

    Tire/tubes: 21 for $152


    - jake

  2. weekly update

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    Hello all,

    last week was good.  We fixed a lot of bikes, and got somethings repaired at the shop.  We sold a build-a-bike for $40, 4 student memberships, 1 community membership, 1 family membership, and grossed $893.

    This week I will build the new cargo bike, work on search committee items, and work on getting the cargo bike loaned out to a department.

    From the Campus Outpost,
    James Roedl