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Projects Updates for Topic: Education


  1. Applications open for Sustainability Minor

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    Minor in Sustainability: Encourage undergrads to apply

    The Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Fellows Program (SEE FP) is an academic minor open to all undergraduates and a great opportunity to learn to navigate the web of consequences, trade-offs, feedbacks and barriers behind environmental challenges. Students also will develop teamwork skills, broad perspective and networking ability. Info session: 4:15 p.m. Monday, Feb. 13, NSRC Room 240.

    Tony Mancuso . Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE)

  2. Fall 2015 project proposals

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    There are six projects, as follows:

    1. Hot n Cold: This group is interested in reducing HVAC energy demand through review of occupancy rates for certain buildings.  They are still finalizing the buildings and methods for collecting the data, but it will likely include Newmark Civil Engineering Lab (NCEL) and measure occupancy, temperature, and energy usage. 
    2. Natural Gas for Campus Fleet: This group is interested in studying the potential to run campus vehicles using compressed natural gas obtained from the UC Sanitary District.
    3. Engineering Quad pathways: This group is seeking to study the pathways of students who do not use the Bardeen Quad paved paths.  They believe that the pathways on the Bardeen Quad are not optimal, and they plan to make recommendations for changes.  They will use a video recognition program per one of the engineering faculty, which will count the people during class change times. 
    4. Turf Field Water Fountains: This group believes we need additional drinking water fountains at the turf fields on campus.  They intend to focus on the health aspects of being hydrated and the high occupancy rates of the fields. 
    5. Arboretum rainwater irrigation: This group is interested in proposing a rainwater capture system for the Hartley Gardens. 
    6. Solar Pavement: This group would like to bring Solar Roadways technology to campus.  They plan to recommend a location for installing the solar roadway cells on campus, perhaps as a sidewalk near an engineering area.  They also intend to compare the traditional pavement plans on Green Street through the MCORE project to the Solar technology option.
  3. BIF crosswalk survey overview

    U of I F&S Trial Crosswalk between the Business Instructional Facility (BIF) and Wohlers Hall

    In recent years, pedestrian safety on-campus has become a growing concern at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (U of I). One such issue was raised by U of I’s College of Business, specifically on the frequency of pedestrians jaywalking between the Business Instructional Facility (BIF) and Wohlers Hall, just south of the intersection at Sixth Street and Gregory Drive. Using funding from the College of Business, U of I’s Facility & Services (F&S) implemented a temporary mid-block crosswalk in the area on September 22, 2014.

    In order to assess if this temporary crosswalk should be installed permanently, a survey was created by 2 Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) James Scholars (Sicong Fang and Ethel Liao) with the guidance of U of I F&S employees (Morgan Johnston, Stacey DeLorenzo, and Roland White). The survey collected over 500 electronic responses from the perspectives of pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, and bus drivers in the affected area for 2 weeks from October 31 - November 14, 2014. Survey participants included U of I students, staff, faculty, and guests; they were contacted via targeted email newsletters (departmental, eweek, F&S, and CUMTD), official U of I social media channels (Facebook and Twitter for F&S, the College of Business, and CUMTD), and on-site surveying with iPads by the LAS James Scholar students. Questions on the survey were based on a 1 to 5 number scale and allowed respondents to explain why they rated each item as they did. Topics covered included how perceptions on safety, convenience, and traffic flow changed upon the temporary crosswalk’s installation; there was also an area for respondents to suggest other problematic transportation spots on-campus and how the process F&S went through for this crosswalk may be improved for future projects. Final analytics on collected data were done by Sicong with the help of the summarization function in Google Forms.

  4. Student Sustainability Leaders - myActions Campus Interns

    We're very excited to be working with 1 intern from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. If you're interested in learning more about the program or connecting with the myActions intern on your campus, please let me know.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Kristine Sturgeon

    myActions on Campus | Learn more

  5. F&S student LAS projects

    These students are working with Morgan Johnston for LAS Honors College credit in the James Scholar program for Fall 2014.

    • Ethel Liao – BIF crosswalk
    • Sicong Fang – BIF crosswalk
    • Jack Carrera – Bike Census
    • Cara Ruan – Communication about Climate Change
    • Vicki Prince – tree campus
    • Ricki Runions – tree campus
  6. SSC Education Working Group

    Hello Education Working Group Members,

    I am Nishant Makhijani, the SSC Education WG Chair for this semester. I am reaching out to you to set up a time for our first WG meeting. We will be meeting in week of the Oct. 13th. Please fill out the doodle by 5pm, Wednesday so we can book the room accordingly.

    Looking forward to working with you all. 


    Nishant Makhijani 

    PS: If you would like to removed from this list, please let me know.

  7. Archived web info - CSE Prairie Project

    Design & Assessment

    The Center for Teaching Excellence has been actively involved in developing and executing the Prairie Project curriculum workshop.  Their expertise in course design and the assessment of student learning has proven valuable to the workshop participants.  Below, you will find resources shared by the CTE.

    A Self-Directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant Learning

    Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP)Essential Learning Outcomes

    AACU High-Impact Educational Practices

    Second Nature fact sheet on a framework for sustainability curriculum (download as pdf)

  8. Archived web info - CSE Prairie Project

    Courses and Syllabi

    Participants in the Prairie Project were inspired to include sustainability in their courses.  Below you will find revised syllabi and some example assignments with clear linkages to the Sustainability Learning Outcomes.  In addition, there are resources from other universities that offer similar curriculum workshops and national organizations.  We encourage you to integrate sustainability into your course.

    BADM 532 Sustainable Product and Market Development for Subsistence Marketplaces

    BADM 533 Sustainable Product Design and Business Plan Development


    Example Syllabi for Sustainability-Infused Courses:

    Courses of the 2010 Prairie Project Resource People and Participants

    NRES 285: Wetland Delineation and Classification (PDF)


    Conservation and Ecosystem Health (PDF)

    Ecotoxicology of the Northern Hemisphere (PDF)

    IB 105: Environmental Biology Fall 2010(PDF) 
    IB 105: Environmental Biology Spring 2010 (PDF)

    Political Science - Learning Outcomes - Introduction to International Relations (PDF)
    Political Science 280 Fall 2010 (PDF)
    Political Science 280 Fall 2009 (PDF)

    LAS 101 Fall 2010: Environmental Sustainability & World Citizenship (PDF)
    LAS 101: Homework 5 on ecological footprinting and environmental sustainability (PDF)

    CEE 498: Multilateral Environmental Agreements Fall 2010 (PDF)
    CEE 498: Multilateral Environmental Agreements (PDF)

    CEE 535: Environmental Systems Analysis II Sustainable & Resilient Environmental & Water Resource Systems (PDF)
    CEE 535: Spring 2011 Upper Embarras Project Terms (PDF)

    UP 204, Chicago: Planning and Urban Life, Spring 2011 (PDF)
    UP 204, Chicago: Planning and Urban Life: Course Description (PDF)
    UP 204, Chicago: Planning and Urban Life: Overview (PDF)


    External Examples:

    Association for the Advanceemnt of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) examples of courses on campus sustainability (PDF)

    AASHE course inventories*

    AASHE list of Web sites with example syllabi*

    Ponderosa Project Web site, containing course syllabi and other resources

    Piedmont Project syllabi and course modules

    * These sites require a members-only login to the AASHE site. The University of Illinois is an institutional member and you can create an account for free with a (and hopefully e-mail address.