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Projects Updates for Topic: Ethics video

  1. PWR010 Ethics Video recommendation - Assessment with all comments

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on May 2, 2017, to discuss and start the assessment of the SWATeam recommendation PWR010 Ethics Video. The iWG's official comment for this recommendation was:

    "We concur.  It would be good to promote this video to faculty and staff, as well as the students.  The SWATeam also indicated that another video should be created, explaining the recycling process.  We recommend iSEE reach out to F&S about developing such a video."

    See attached the iWG assessment complete with official comments from all the iWG members.

    See SWATeam recommendation PWR010 Ethics Video here.

  2. PWR010 Ethics Video recommendation - Submittal

    The PWR SWATeam submitted a recommendation to the iWG stating, "Publishing the Ethics Compliance Video concerning recycling including the paragraph summary.

    See attached the SWATeam recommendation PWR010 Ethics Video complete with comments from all the PWR SWATeam members.