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Projects Updates for Topic: iWG


  1. ECBS SWATeam Meeting Minutes

    On December 14, the ECBS SWATeam discussed the semester's final tally results of the Illini Lights Out program. In total, over 20,000 light bulbs were turned off. The team also discussed updates from the recent iCAP working group meeting. The funding from SSC has been secured for the Freezer Challenge. The Green Labs Coordinator position recommendation has been drafted and reviewed by the team. Suggestions were also provided to Yun for his graduate course on campus buildings. 

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  2. EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0 recommendation - Assessment with all comments

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on October 27th, 2017, to discuss and start the assessment of the SWATeam recommendation EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0. The iWG's final recommendation was:

    "The iWG agrees that this is the most cost-effective method for meeting the iCAP objective of 25,000 MWh/year of on-campus solar generation by FY25.  To meet that goal, the Solar Farm 2.0 project needs to begin soon, under F&S direction."

    See attached the iWG assessment complete with official comments from all the iWG members.

    See SWATeam recommendation EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0 here.

  3. EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0 recommendation - Transmittal

    The SWATeam recommendation, eGen007 Solar Farm 2.0, was transmitted to the Sustainability Council and was presented during their meeting on December 7, 2017.

    For future updates, please refer to Solar Farm 2.0.

    See iWG assessment of EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0 here.

    See SWATeam recommendation EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0 here.

  4. iWG meeting agenda November 30, 2017

  5. iWG meeting minutes October 27, 2017

  6. Campus Tree Inventory Recommendation - unit approval

    The ALUFS SWATeam recommended that F&S complete an update to the campus tree inventory.  This recommendation was supported by the iCAP Working Group, and the Campus Tree Advisory Committee.  During spring 2017, Director of iSEE Evan DeLucia and Interim Executive Director of F&S Helen Coleman both approved using Carbon Credit Sales funding to complete the inventory.  Campus Landscape Architect Brent Lewis will be responsible for initiating the inventory and working with Superintendent of Grounds Ryan Welch to oversee the progress.

    See iWG ALUFS002 Assessment.

    See SWATeam ALUFS002 Recommendation.