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Projects Updates for Topic: iWG


  1. PWR010 Ethics Video recommendation - Assessment with all comments

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on May 2, 2017, to discuss and start the assessment of the SWATeam recommendation PWR010 Ethics Video. The iWG's official comment for this recommendation was:

    "We concur.  It would be good to promote this video to faculty and staff, as well as the students.  The SWATeam also indicated that another video should be created, explaining the recycling process.  We recommend iSEE reach out to F&S about developing such a video."

    See attached the iWG assessment complete with official comments from all the iWG members.

    See SWATeam recommendation PWR010 Ethics Video here.

  2. ECBS SWATeam meeting minutes

    On the agenda at the ECBS SWATeam meeting:

    1) Status of our recommendations to iWG;

    2) Review of Illini Lights Out over the past year;

    3) Any final thoughts, recommendations for Eco-Olympics;

    4) Progress on building energy standards;

    5) Updates on the revolving loan fund (RLF) projects;

    6) Turning off computers.  Change in policy, at least at F&S.  Implications for Certified Green Office Program? 

    7) Building level energy consumption report summary;

    8) Good-byes and thanks to departing members.

  3. iWG agenda May 2, 2017

  4. ECBS SWATeam meeting minutes

    On the agenda at the ECBS SWATeam meeting:

    1) Follow up from April 14 Illini Lights Out;

    2) Reports from success of Eco-Olympics;

    3) Continued discussions on Karl’s work with ACES and other buildings;

    4) Energy efficiency standard for UIUC;

    5) Dr. Ximing Cai, new Associate Director for Campus Sustainability came to meet the team;

    6) SWATeam next meeting time and date:  May 11th, from 3:30 to 5 pm. 


  5. March 2017 Sustainability Council Recommendations & Next Steps

    Director of iSEE, Evan DeLucia, summarized three recommendations presented at the March 2017 Sustainability Council meeting: EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standard, EGen003 Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Timeline, and ECons003 Conservation Budget, as well as the next steps, for Chancellor Jones’ approval.

    We followed up with the Sustainability Council on April 25, 2017, with the attached file.

    See Transmittal of EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standards here.

    See iWG Assessment for SWATeam recommendation EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standard here.

    See SWATeam recommendation EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standards here.

    See Transmittal of EGen003 PPA term to the Sustainability Council here.

    See iWG Assessment of EGen003 PPA Term here.

    See SWATeam recommendation EGen003 PPA Term here.

    See Transmittal of ECONS003 Conservation Budget to the Provost Office

    See iWG Assessment of ECONS003 Conservation Budget

    ee SWATeam Recommendation of ECONS003 Conservation Budget


  6. iWG meeting agenda March 28, 2017

  7. iWG meeting minutes March 28, 2017

  8. Green Labs Coordinator Recommendation - Assessment with all comments

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on Dec 6, 2016. They supported the Green Labs Coordinator recommendation. The Assessment was completed with comments from all the iWG members on March 27, 2017. The iWG's official comment for this recommendation was:

    "The iCAP Working Group strongly supports the creation of a formal and campus-wide Green Labs program, led by a full-time coordinator and assisted by a team of student interns and a faculty advisory committee.  Many of our peer institutions have successfully implemented such programs.  Such a program is almost certain to lead to significant cost savings: for example, if the program led to the decommissioning of just 1% of our campus's 1700 fume hoods, the recurring energy savings would pay for a full-time position.  However, we anticipate that a much larger fraction (perhaps 10-20%) of hoods could be decommissioned, and there would be additional cost savings from behavior changes, freezer and refrigerator management, and other improvements.  The fiscal benefit to the campus as a whole, in addition to the sustainability benefit, is clear.  However, given current uncertainties about budgets and even budget models, it is not obvious which unit(s) stand to realize the cost savings over the long term.  We therefore suggest that this position be supported centrally, by the Office of the Provost, as a cross-cutting cost-saving strategy.  In terms of organizational placement, we suggest that the OVCR is the natural home for this program, because this office already oversees many programs related to the responsible conduct of research, including safety, compliance, and animal care.  As suggested by the SWATeam, this program could also receive communications/marketing support from iSEE staff."

    See attached the iWG assessment complete with official comments from all the iWG members.

    See SWATeam recommendation ECONS004 Green Labs Coordinator.

  9. South Campus Afforestation Recommendation - Assessment with comments

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on Feb 16, 2017. They supported the South Campus Afforestation recommendation. Their official comments for this recommendation was:

    "The iCAP includes an objective to add 50 acres of trees on campus, and this SWATeam recommendation suggests one potential location. The iWG suggests the College of ACES work with the Campus Master Planning committee to identify appropriate locations for additional trees. Another option to consider is parallel to the Embarras River."

    See attached the iWG assessment complete with comments from all the iWG members.

    See ALUFS003 South Campus Afforestation Recommendation