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Projects Updates for Topic: LED


  1. Information Letter for Proposed Roadway Lighting Improvements Program

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    On May 11, 2017, the Public Works Department of City of Urbana issued a letter to the residents informing them about the construction of new street lighting that is planned for Illinois Street, Gregory Street, and Oregon Street and is scheduled to start this spring. The project is expected to end in late October 2017. The new streetlights will resemble the streetlights currently on Goodwin Avenue adjacent to the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts except the lamp will be a LED lamp instead of a metal halide lamp as is installed on Goodwin Avenue.  

    The proposed roadway lighting improvements are located along Oregon Street from Mathews Avenue to Lincoln Avenue, Gregory Street from Oregon Street to Illinois Street, and Illinois Street from Goodwin Avenue to Lincoln Avenue in the City of Urbana. The City of Urbana will oversee the construction of this project, which is presently being competitively bid.

    The project is expected to run from June through October.  Work will commence on Gregory Street, then move to Illinois Street, and finish on Oregon Street.

  2. Meeting with F&S officials

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    Met with the university Facilities and Services officials and LED staff on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, to discuss the progress of LED Campus projects so far. The main focus of the meeting was Exit signs in the buildings. Meeting was hosted by Mogan Johnston, and attended by Ken Buenting, Brian Finet, Steven Bainbridge, and Patty Douglas.

  3. Dark Sky compliance information

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    The International Dark Sky Association ( has a Fixture Seal of Approval on certain products. Any outdoor lighting that is fully shielded, reduces blue light, and uses the least amount of energy to achieve the necessary level of visibility would be good to use on campus.  Outdoor lighting also affects sustainability as a matter of energy efficiency, effects on migratory birds, and the emotional connection to the environment fostered by a dark sky.

  4. Krannert Art Museum LED Lamp Retrofit

    The Krannert Art Museum approached the Student Sustainability Committee with an immediate need to improve their lighting profile. This specific LED Lamp Retrofit project would switch from incandescent lamps to LED lamps in the Noel Gallery and the East Galleries. Given its variety of available lamps, its efficiency values, and its non-UV characteristics, LED lamps are an ideal solution for these galleries at Krannert Art Museum.

  5. LED detail information from Eva Sweeney

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    Attached are the specifics from our parking lot E-15.  We were reusing 27’ poles on approx. 90’ staggered spacing. The BetaLED occupancy sensors are operating right at their max distance, but seem to give good coverage for both cars and pedestrians.  We were targeting a low footcandle level, only about 1.0fc average.

    Another LED fixture we have used with success is the Lithonia DSX2.  Due to taller poles (37’) on that project we did not use the occupancy sensors.  Lithonia has since indicated that their sensor may be able to adequately cover motion at that height, but we have not tried it.

    University of Illinois is now considering bi-level LED lighting for almost all of our new outdoor installations, particularly parking lots that don’t get a lot of traffic late at night.  Between the energy savings and reduced maintenance, it’s working out very well so far.

  6. DCEO grant information

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    All I need to know is the total number you have replaced and date completed.  The DCEO grant would reimburse $15/lamp.  I need the information by May 1 so we can submit our application.  If the project isn’t complete by then it will just have to be submitted on next year’s grant cycle.

    -Eva Sweeney, P.E., LC