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Projects Updates for Topic: master plan

  1. ECBS SWATeam meeting minutes

    At the ECBS SWATeam meeting on November 28, the results of "Illini Lights Out" project, occured on November 17, were discussed. ECBS SWATeam Green Labs Coordinator recommendation was considered as ready for the submission. Possible participation in the 2017 North American Laboratory Freezer Challenge from January to May 2017 was considered. Upcoming public forums on the ongoing design updates to the Urbana campus Master Plan-November 29 and November 30.

  2. Archived info - previous project description

    The Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP), completed in 2010, identifies several goals related to energy production and distribution on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) campus. The iCAP called for a detailed study of the University's Energy and Utility systems. That study is now ongoing and is intended to be interactive with the sustainability goals of the iCAP. The University is working with a multi-disciplinary consulting team to study the requirements and opportunities necessary to safely and reliably meet the current and future campus energy needs. The areas of study will examine factors including safety, system reliability, environmental impacts, environmental permit requirements, cost, budget constraints, pending/likely changes in legislation and regulations related to energy utilities, fuel costs, industry trends, innovative technologies and sustainability. Note that the study is limited to the Utility enterprise. Comments regarding improvements in transportation and buildings should be made directly to the sustainability office.

    To that end, we are reaching out to the broader campus community to understand what ideas you have in mind that might help the University community meet our energy-related iCAP goals and objectives. If you have specific ideas we would love to hear from you. Please use this form to offer suggestions.