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Projects Updates for Topic: Outreach


  1. Twin Cities Amateur Radio welcome Solar Farm presentation

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    Tuesday, January 14th, Morgan White was welcomed by the Twin City Amateur Rado Club to share all there is to know about the University's first solar farm. She spoke on the process of getting such a project on campus, and the good news about a second solar farm that will be on campus by Winter 2020

  2. 2020 iCAP October Final Objectives: Zero Waste SWATeam

    Attached is the final draft of the recommended 2020 iCAP objectives from the Zero Waste SWATeam. 

    Any meeting minutes from October 2019 or November 2019 may reference the following categories: 

    • Food waste: Reducing & Diverting Food Waste
    • Education
    • Purchasing
    • Increasing Recycling Rates
    • Reducing Consumption
    • Increasing Reuse Rates
    • Source Reduction
    • Builsing Cleaning and Maintenance

    There will be a revised version by the end of the 2019 Fall Semester after iWG gives feedback for the SWATeams to revise.

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  3. Registration Open for iSEE Congress

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    Event features a diverse group of researchers, educators, journalists and activists discussing cutting-edge issues surrounding sustainability and social justice, building bridges across different approaches, disciplines and geographies, and charting new directions to a sustainable, just future. Free attendance, but registration is required; instructors are invited to contact us to bring classes.

    Registration Opens for iSEE Congress 2019 -- 'Sustainability Justice'

    Tony Mancuso . Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE)

  4. F&S Sustainability at F&S Customer Forum

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    Facilities and Services Customer Forum

    As part of its ongoing customer service initiative, Facilities and Services will host a Customer Forum on Wednesday, May 1, from 8-11:30 a.m. at the I Hotel and Conference Center. The forum will address capital programs, sustainability and building service workers; the goal of this event is to fulfill our vision of being a responsive, reliable and highly valued service provider.

    Malikah Gordon . Facilities & Services

  5. Climate Change lecture

    Climate Change: The Science, Why We Should Care and What We All Can Do

    Join us for an important discussion on our worlds important and most pressing subject: climate change. Donald J. Wuebbles is an expert in atmospheric physics and chemistry and the Harry E. Preble Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Illinois, helps us understand the science, why we should care, and what we all can do. Find more information on our registration page.

    Amanda Christenson . Cooperative Extension Service

  6. Happy Sustainability Week!!

    Join iSEE, the Student Sustainability Committee and Facilities & Services for a "plogging" fun run/walk, a tour of Abbott Power Plant, a celebration event with organizations and RSOs that includes the Energy Conservation Incentive Program awards and updates on Illinois Climate Action Plan goals, a socially responsible investing program, and the popular Illini Lights Out energy savings event.


    Tony Mancuso . Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE)


    Sustainability Week Events Oct. 21-27

  7. e-week notice

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    Campus Community Invited to iSEE Congress 2018: 'Sustainable Cities'

    Join iSEE for its fifth annual Congress, featuring open discussions about the cities of now and the future. Session topics include transportation (including a keynote on autonomous vehicles!), material flows, infrastructure, urban agriculture/food security, urbanization and the environment, sustainable development and more, featuring academic experts, industry leaders, and mayors. Classes welcome!

    Tony Mancuso . Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE)

  8. Weekly Update

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    All, busy times have arrived! We’ve mostly sold out of bikes (4 left), and been registering bikes like crazy. With a dearth of for sale bikes, we’ve got an uptick of B-a-Bs, for better or worse. The tail end of last week I officially suspended the First Visit Free option for the Campus Bike Center. Just too busy to accommodate freebies. I’ll reinstate FVF when it calms down, usually in October. I’ll add that info to the website today.

    Last week featured a lot of stern talking-tos with members about the concept of not being allowed to work on your bike without a stand. There’s a lot of pushback on it and I’ll attempt this week to emphasis the safety aspect and maybe that’ll help.


    Over the weekend were two outreach events: Quad Day and Illini Frenzy. Both were well-attending and well-received! I handed out a lot of registration forms and TBP hours pages.

    This week I’ll be interviewing for a potential new hire, building bikes, attending the Bike Project monthly meeting, and stripping the junk bikes we got donated last week to keep the shop as clean as I can during the busy times.


    The numbers:

    Visitors: 123

    Sales: $1,677.00

    Bikes (refurb): 6 for $960
    Memberships: 8 for $240
    Tires/tubes: 19 for $83


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager