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Projects Updates for Topic: PPA


  1. EGen SWATeam Meeting Minutes

    On Friday, May 4th, the EGen SWATeam had their final meeting of the 2017-18 school year. Guest Scott Willenbrock presented the pros and cons of solar/wind PPA. He also discussed the Illinois Solar Project located in Sidney and their REC pricing. The SWATeam plans to issue an RFP for solar PPA with a local solar developer. 

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  2. EGen008 Pursue Solar PPA recommendation - Assessment started

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on May 10, 2018, to discuss and start the assessment of SWATeam recommendation, EGen008 Pursue Solar PPA. The iWG's draft comment on the recommendation was:

    "We support this recommendation. We should issue an RFP for a PPA.

    See SWATeam recommendation EGen008 Pursue Solar PPA here.

  3. EGen008 Pursue Solar PPA recommendation - Submittal

    The eGen SWATeam submitted a recommendation, to the iWG, stating, "Explore the option of a PPA with a local solar developer."

    See attached the SWATeam recommendation, EGen008 Pursue Solar PPA, complete with comments from all the eGen SWATeam members.

  4. EGEN SWATeam Meeting (4.13.17)

    The EGEN SWATeam held another bi-weekly meeting. Topics covered include:

    • Ximing Cai's [in attendance] vision for iSEE and SWATeams
    • Developing a recommendation to expand UIUC solar farm.
    • Developing a recommendation for another clean energy PPA
    • Cost savings for geothermal systems and opportunities for implementation at solar farm and new building sites