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Projects Updates for Topic: public engagement


  1. Arbor Day Celebration planned for April 28, 2017

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    Five trees will be planted on the South Quad of campus, for the Arbor Day Celebration, on April 28, 2017. The agenda includes a welcome, a reading of the proclamation, an educational speech, the tree planting, and a trivia game.  Attendees will each be invited to add a shovel of soil to the newly planted trees.

  2. ECBS SWATeam Meeting Minutes

    At the ECBS SWATeam meeting this week, Sam Wilson, a grad student in Communication, presented his ongoing research efforts on fume hood behaviors, which will tie into the development of our Green Labs Initiative.  Big Picture Recommendation discussion continued as the team worked on making clear connections to iCAP 2015 in the document, which is set to be submitted by the end of next week.  The online Energy Dashboard has been updated, courtesy of Mike Marquissee.  Eco-Olympics results indicated competing buildlings across campus achieved up to a 10.6% reduction in energy usage (Lundgren Hall).  Grad student Anna Tanaglia presented the success of public speaking sections (CMN 101) that focused on campus sustainability; students seemed to enjoy these topics and some have expressed interest in getting more involved in campus sustainability efforts.  Claudia presented a social marketing campaign class project on student involvement in campus sustainability efforts, the findings of which may guide future campus engagement efforts.

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  3. ECBS SWATeam Meeting Minutes

    Discussion on the development of a campus sustainability brand continued, with the input of iSEE Communications attendees Tony Mancuso and Olivia Harris.  The Big Picture Recommendation discussion moved forward as well, and a subcommittee meeting was set for April 26.  The Green Office Program is up and running again, with Olivia Webb replacing Nishant Makhijani as iSEE Sustainability Programs Coordinator.  The Building Standards Consultation Group is planning to call its first meeting, led by Morgan Johnston and Fred Hahn, before the end of the semester.

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  4. ECBS Objective 4 Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

    Illini Lights Out was further developed in terms of advertising and the logistics of the event.  Olivia Harris from iSEE attended to participate in the continued logo contest discussion.  A key aspect of this contest is clearly defining what we're looking for in this logo and exactly what it will be encompassing.  The contest may be pushed back to Fall 2016.

  5. ECBS SWATeam Meeting Minutes

    The iCAP ECBS Objective 2 consultation group is forming, and the first meeting is planned for the week after spring break.  Karl updated on fume hood efficiency efforts, which have led to several fume hoods being shut down.  The Energy Dashboard project was discussed and give to the Objective 4 Subcommittee as a new item to work on.  The team also discussed ways to advocate for energy conservation funding in the campus master plan and decided to create a proposal to send to the Office of the Provost.

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  6. ECBS Objective 4 Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

    Details for the pilot energy audit were further developed in order to finalize the recommendation.  The audit will be called Illini Lights Out and is set to occur on April 15 at 6pm and to target student volunteers.  Details and issues discussed are included in the attached minutes.

  7. ECBS Objective 4 Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

    The ECBS Objective 4 Subcommittee met on Tuesday, February 23 to continue discussions on campus engagement in sustainability.  Paul Foote attended and gave an update on Eco-Olympics and his plans to continue the program this year, with some changes.  Work on the Green Labs Initiative is progressing.  A continued discussion of potential recommendations to send to the iWG led to the idea of a pilot energy audit by student volunteers on April 15.  However, the issue of raising awareness for and branding campus sustainability remains.

  8. ECBS Objective 4 Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

    The ECBS Objective 4 Subcommittee met Tuesday, February 16 to continue fleshing out the ECBS SWATeam's fourth iCAP objective, which has to do with increasing campus engagement in sustainability.  Discussion continued on ECIP and potential changes for the upcoming year- a major issue is raising awareness of this program and others like it. By the conclusion of the meeting, the focus of the subcommittee shifted to creating and sending recommendations to the iCAP Working Group, such as a Green Labs Initiative proposal as well as continuing Eco-Olympics or initiating a similar program that would serve as dorm resident engagement.  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 23.

  9. ECBS Objective 4 Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

    The ECBS Objective 4 Subcommittee held its first meeting on Tuesday, February 9.  Discussion revolved around the issue of tying all existing campus engagement programs (e.g., ECIP, Certified Green Office Program, revolving loan fund, etc.) together into one campus-wide brand.

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  10. ECBS SWATeam Meeting Minutes

    The ECBS SWATeam's first meeting of the semester took place on Tuesday, February 2.  Key topics of discussion included follow-ups on the Energy Dashboard project, Design Center, space utilization meetings Karl attended in December, and internships developed to help with the Green Labs Initiative and campus engagement in sustainability issues.  Morgan also led a discussion on campus engagement, the 4th objective under ECBS in the iCAP 2015, resulting in the formation of an incentivizing subcommittee within the SWATeam with the purpose of advancing this objective.

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