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Projects Updates for Topic: Purchasing


  1. PWR012 Purchasing Representation recommendation - Submittal

    The PWR SWATeam submitted a recommendation, to the iWG, stating, "A staff member on the University of Illinois Purchasing Division commit to regularly attend the meetings of the Purchasing, Waste, and Recycling SWATeam."

    See attached the SWATeam recommendation, PWR012 Purchasing Representation, complete with comments from all the PWR SWATeam members.

  2. PWR SWATeam Meeting

    The Purchasing, Waste, and Recycling SWATeam kicked off the semester with a discussion of their past and continuing efforts and proposals, their progress in achieving iCAP objectives, and goals for the upcoming year. They also gave recommendations on the creation of a Division of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA) Climate Action Plan.

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  3. Purchasing analysis of paper and recycled-content underway

    Morgan Johnston and Hursh Hazari met to review the FY15 paper purchases by academic college.  Hursh is going to add some analysis about the costs associated with switching to a minimum of 30% recycled content paper.  He is also going to take the draft purchasing policy proposed to UA (attached here) and modify it to meet UIUC CAM standards.

  4. PWR SWATeam Minutes 3/29

    Meeting Minutes 3/29

    During this meeting, the PWR SWAT Team coordinated with Marya Ryan, the new Zero Waste Coordinator. We discussed previous campus efforts for multiple different projects like composting and recycling as well as introduced ourselves to one another. 

    The SWAT Team also was updated on progress with reviewing the Paper Policy Draft comments and will finish this review by next meeting. 

    Furthermore, a discussion of composting efforts on campus was discussed and an effort to create a comprehensive map of waste pickup routes will be created. 

    Next meeting is TBD.

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  5. PWR SWATeam Minutes 2/3/2017

    At the PWR SWATeam meeting on Feb. 3, the team reviewed the status of the Illini Gadget Garage.  It is going very well, and they have hired students to help promote and market the open hours. The team also discussed the proposed recycled-content paper policy.  This policy was not approved at the System level, and UI at Chicago is working to implement their own policy for their campus.  UIUC can do the same, through an update to the existing policy.  Morgan will bring the policy to the next SWATeam meeting for discussion.  Morgan also asked about the SWATeam recommendation process and invited team members to send her comments and suggestions.  The Chair was selected as Fanxing Liu, with plenty of help from iSEE and the SWATeam Clerk, Meghan Killinger, because Fanxing just joined the team.

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  6. University Sourcing informed about SmartWay opportunity

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    From: Milbrandt, Janet
    Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 2:02 PM
    To: Lavey, Warren Gary; McCall, Benjamin; Bartels, Bart A
    Cc: Bohlen, Kayci; Taylor, Mark A
    Subject: RE: new State of Illinois UPS contract

    I am forwarding you to the Sourcing Office for the University of IL.

    From: Lavey, Warren Gary
    Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 9:27 AM
    To: Milbrandt, Janet; McCall, Benjamin; Bartels, Bart A
    Subject: new State of Illinois UPS contract

    Hello, Janet.  The State of Illinois is implementing a new contract with UPS for ground and air package delivery services.  UIUC is an eligible customer under this contract.

    This contract was awarded pursuant to the Illinois Transportation Sustainability Procurement Program Act of 2013, with environmental factors comprising 20 percent of the bidder evaluation criteria.  The contract includes provisions for tracking emissions and fuel consumption related to the services provided.  Alternative fuels, including biofuels, and cleaner vehicles are encouraged for UPS's services under this contract. I don't have any information on the rates under the new contract.

    Can you arrange a meeting with UIUC's UPS contract representative to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of migrating UIUC's shipments from UIUC's existing UPS contract to the new State of Illinois contract?  I would like to participate in this meeting.

    Thanks and best wishes.

  7. Solar Farm pending State Purchasing Officer (SPO) approval

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    The Solar Farm Purchase Agreement is waiting on approval from the State Purchasing Officer (SPO).  After the Board of Trustees approval in November 2012, the project went to the SPO's office.  It is now under review and Facilities & Services is working to answer any SPO questions.