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  1. application planned for Dec. 2014

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    Al Stratman, Carl Wegel, Ryan Welch, and Morgan Johnston met to discuss the requirements for applying for Tree Campus USA recognition.  Al directed Morgan and Ryan to pursue the application for this fall.  Morgan will take the lead, with Ryan handling a lot of the needed writing effort.

    There are five requirements to get recognized as a Tree Campus USA:

    1. Establish a “Campus Tree Advisory Committee”
      1. Membership must include a student, a Grounds representative, a faculty member, and a community member.
      2. We are hopeful that the Arboretum would organize this committee, chair it, staff it, and we would just need to attend and participate.
      3. The required responsibilities are unclear in the Tree Campus program, but we would not need to give them any authority over us.
    2. Campus Tree Care Plan
      1. must include
        1. Clearly stated purpose.
        2. Responsible authority/department - who enforces the Campus Tree Care Plan. – F&S
        3. Establishment of a Campus Tree Advisory Committee, terms of the representatives, and role committee plays. – see above
        4. Campus tree care policies for planting, landscaping, maintenance and removal including establishing and updating a list of recommended and prohibited species; managing for catastrophic events. – we would need to document the maintenance and removal policies
        5. Protection and Preservation policies and procedures - include process for implementing tree protection plan including step-by-step process that every project must follow including construction and trenching. – in the standards
        6. Goals and Targets - develop at least one goal and target for your Campus Tree Plan. These could include (but are not limited to) tree canopy target, development of a link between the Campus Tree Plan and other green initiatives on campus or in the community; completion of a campus-wide tree inventory, etc. Include how the goal will be measured. – the goal could be to update and maintain the tree inventory, currently at about 75% for tree locations
        7. Tree damage assessment - enforcement, penalties, and appeals. – we would need to complete and document this policy
        8. Prohibited practices. – in the standards
        9. Definitions of terminology related to campus trees.
        10. Communication strategy - how the campus tree care plan will be communicated to the college community and contractors to heighten awareness about policies and procedures as well as the goals of the institution. – in collaboration with Arboretum, CRC, and possibly iSEE
      2. F&S would take the lead on developing this plan.  The advisory committee could be the primary reviewers.  Morgan can help facilitate this.
    3. Campus Tree Program with Dedicated Annual Expenditures
      1. Grounds has a dedicated budget for trees.  Ryan noted that right now we are at about $200K per year including replacements, 2 tree surgeons and 2 grounds workers
      2. Ryan would need to develop a regular process for summarizing this data to record as evidence of the funding.
      3. We could expand this effort to collect financial information from other units that handle trees on campus, such as the Arboretum
    4. Arbor Day Observance
      1. The Arboretum is the natural lead for an Arbor Day Observance event each year.  They have indicated interest in helping with this program. 
      2. We would definitely be involved, but we would prefer they take the lead for developing and organizing the event.
      3. Certain items would need to be tracked: activity program, news coverage, pictures, and I recommend tracking participation rates.
    5. Service Learning Project
      1. “This should provide an opportunity to engage the student population with projects related to trees and can be part of a campus of community initiative.”
      2. We agree that a student project could be to locate the campus trees and enter basic information (size?).
      3. The project must be completed within the course of the year the application is submitted.
      4. The Arboretum could help coordinate this effort.  We could get a professor to do it in a class.  Morgan can assist with the coordination of this project.

    The application is due in December for the year completed, so we would need to complete this effort this fall in order to qualify for next year.

  2. Illinois Wins 2013 Governor's Sustainability Award!

    University of Illinois sustainability staff accepting the Illinois State Governor's Award

    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) was one of 27 organizations , one of 4 educational institutions (Jefferson Middle School, Lewis & Clark Comm. College, UIC and UIUC) awarded the Governor’s Sustainability Award on October 29, 2013.  The Governor’s Award recognizes organizations for their demonstrated commitment to environmental excellence through outstanding and innovative sustainability practices.  Winners are selected through a rigorous process of review and examination.  Illinois was recognized for its efforts in the reduction of energy and water consumption, as well as for waste diversion. 


  3. Illinois Earns Gold Recognition from STARS!

    Illinois completed the STARS submission in June 2013. STARS is the most comprehensive sustainability rating system in the country.  The rating system is divided into 4 categories: education and research; operations; planning, administration and engagement; and innovation. STARS rates institutions on 5 levels: platinum, gold, silver, bronze and reporter. Illinois has achieved the Gold Level Recognition, and no institution thus far has achieved Platinum.  

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  4. Illinois named to the Green College Honor Roll

    The Princeton Review Green College Honor Roll 2014Illinois is pleased to be named to the 2014 Princeton Review Green College Honor Roll.  The Princeton Review tallies information from over 800 schools on sustainability practices and Illinois is one of only 22 to be named to the Honor Roll!

    Criteria for the Green College Honor Roll broadly covers three areas: 1) whether the school’s students have a campus quality of life that is healthy and sustainable, 2) how well the school is preparing its students for employment and citizenship in a world defined by environmental challenges, and 3) the school's overall commitment to environmental issues. The survey includes questions about the school's energy use, recycling, food, buildings, and transportation as well as academic offerings and sustainability-related action plans.

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