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Projects Updates for Topic: renewable energy


  1. David and Sarthak's meeting notes from November 20

    David and I met on November 20, 2019 for our first meeting following his Biogas on Campus email on November 13th. David received an email from Doug Wolters from the College of ACES, and Doug said that he will discuss this project with his Dean. David had not heard from anyone else.

    We discussed how to proceed with this project. I will try to get in touch with Lance Schideman to get his opinion on this subject. I introduced David to the SWATeam Clerk of the Transportation and Zero Waste SWATeam, Julija Sakutyte. I will talk to the Transportation SWATeam about a possible collaboration opportunity with the Energy SWATeam and Zero Waste SWATeam. David will also talk to the Energy SWATeam about this possible collaboration.

    I have set up a biweekly meeting with David, and a monthly meeting with Meredith Moore for this project.

  2. Apply by Nov 1 for Wanxiang Fellows Program (Sustainability in China)

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    The Illinois Wanxiang Fellows Program is a competitive program open to U of I undergrad students at the Urbana, Chicago, and Springfield campuses. The program offers a unique opportunity for students to study environmental issues and renewable energy in China while gaining exposure to the Chinese language and culture. Most travel & program costs are covered.

    Yu Chuan Shen • Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies

    Apply by Nov 1 for Wanxiang Fellows Program (Sustainability in China)

  3. Correction to system generation capacity

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    The Solar Farm system capacity is 4.68 MWac and 5.87 MWdc. Original materials produced before 2017 generally referred to the capacity as 5.87 MW, which does not match the industry standard of using the AC generation capacity.  The correct figure to use is 4.68 MW, when sharing information about the Solar Farm on the UIUC South Farms.

  4. House Bill 2427

    House Bill 2427, once signed by the Governor, will authorize a $30M renewable energy fund in Illinois.

    Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends the Illinois Power Agency Act to provide for a supplemental procurement process for the procurement of renewable energy certificates from new or existing photovoltaics. Authorizes the expenditure of up to $30,000,000 from the Illinois Power Agency Renewable Energy Resources Fund for that purpose. Provides that renewable energy certificates from new photovoltaics that are procured pursuant to the supplemental procurement process must be procured from devices installed by a person who meets certain qualifications. Requires public hearings. Provides for a procurement administrator, a procurement monitor, pre-qualification of bidders, establishment of standard contract terms, benchmarks, and contingencies in the event of a default by a supplier. Effective immediately.