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  1. Archived web info - CSE Rankings and Reports

    Rankings and Reports

    The Office of Sustainability is responsible for coordinating the campus response to a variety of organizations related to sustainability efforts.


    As signatories to the ACUPCC and the Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is required to submit data regarding its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and efforts to reduce them.  The ACUPCC requires an emissions inventory within one year of signing, and a comprehensive action plan for reduction within two years of signing.  Illinois is in good standing with the ACUPCC.  

    Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact

    The Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact was revised during academic year 2010-2011, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was the first to sign the new compact and pledged at the Gold Level. Information required for the compact includes actions such as fostering student involvement, green building, waste reduction, new initiatives.

    Voluntary Surveys

    The University of Illinois also voluntarily submits data to the following surveys – the Sierra Club Cool Schools survey, the Sustainable Endowment Institute Green Report Card Survey, the Princeton Review and Petersons.  Among our Big Ten peers, Illinois consistently ranks in the upper percentile.

    As more rankings from reports are released, we will share that information here.

    Illinois second among Big Ten in Princeton Review - 8/10/10

    Each year the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign participates in a survey distributed by the Princeton Review.  The Green Campus portion of the survey awards scores based on items such as: sustainability education and research, LEED certified buildings and other sustainable operations practices, transportation options, local foods in dining halls, and student involvement in sustainability initiatives. Illinois’ score is improved over last year from 92 to 95, placing us second among Big Ten Universities. To view Illinois’ green survey responses to the Princeton Review, please visit Princeton Review.

    Comparison to Big Ten Schools:

    Ohio State University


    University of Illinois


    University of Minnesota


    University of Iowa


    Pennylvania State University


    Michigan State University


    University of Michigan


    Purdue University


    Northwestern University


    University of Wisconsin


    Indiana University


    * = no participation


    Big Ten Sustainability Report

    This document provides a comparison of Big Ten conference schools by documenting initiatives, progress, and results in the following categories: administration, infrastructure, energy use, transportation, recycling, and food. This is the first report compiling these facets to view the difficulties and potential solutions to achieve sustainability in large research-based institutions. This report was prepared by students at the University of Michigan. 
    Click here to download the full report.

  2. Spring 2012 monthly activity reports

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    These reports reflects the joint efforts of the CSE and F&S in spring 2012, by month.  These reports were created during the design phase of the iCAP Portal and phased out when the portal went online.

  3. Housing Sustainability Report 2011

    University Housing’s 2010 Strategic Plan identified stewardship of resources as critical to our long-term success. According to the plan, stewardship of resources means “University Housing will demonstrate intentional and transparent stewardship of the financial, physical, and human resources of our entire organization. We will seek to use and conserve our resources in an effective manner that meets the needs of our residents and customers seeking and expecting excellent value.”

    While University Housing had already initiated a number of sustainability efforts, the University developed the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) in May 2010, identifying new sustainability mandates with which Housing will need to comply. Additionally, the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) was asking for support on multiple initiatives.

    As a result, University Housing identified the need to pool our sustainability resources through a single point of contact and formed the Housing Sustainability Council.