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Projects Updates for Topic: solar


  1. Solar Farm 2.0 to Nearly Triple on Campus Renewable Energy Production

    Construction of a new 54-acre, 12.1 megawatt (MWdc) Solar Farm is approved by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees as the sole member of Prairieland Energy, Inc. Referred to as “Solar Farm 2.0,” the new utility-scale array to be located north of Curtis Road, between First Street and U.S. Route 45, will produce approximately 20,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) annually, almost tripling the university’s existing on-site renewable energy generation. Solar Farm 2.0 will generate the equivalent electricity use of more than 2,000 average American homes.

    Sol Systems, LLC, will design, build, operate, and maintain Solar Farm 2.0, for the duration of a 20-year contract which includes power purchase and land lease agreements, and an option to buy the system at the end of the term.

  2. Last Month for Bulk Solar Pricing

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    September is Final Month to Use Bulk Pricing for Solar

    Solar Urbana-Champaign 4.0 is scheduled to end new contract signings for solar installations on September 30 at 5pm.  That means you have just 3 weeks to schedule a site assessment with New Prairie Construction, receive a proposal, and sign a contract for your shiny new solar array. 

    Email 12 months of electric bills to with the subject line "last minute solar proposal."

    If you've already received a proposal, then all you need to do is say YES to your very own renewable energy power plant.  And keep in mind that 2019 is the last year for the 30% federal tax credit.  It's 26% next year.

    Join the 200 other friends and neighbors in the Urbana-Champaign area that are enjoying a home or business running on sunshine courtesy of Solar Urbana-Champaign.

    Second Bulk Discount Achieved

    All Solar UC participants receive compounding 1% discounts off the purchase price of their solar installation as the program reaches 50 kilowatts, 150 kilowatts, and 250 kilowatts of contracted capacity.  The 2019 round of Solar UC currently stands at 151 kilowatts of contracted capacity!  So a 2% discount on all installations!




  3. Cruze Barn new address

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    The Cruze Barn was moved as part of the agreement with the Student Sustainability Committee for their funding support of the first solar farm. It was moved by Trillium Dell, and it is now located at 316 Leman Lane, Congerville, IL.

  4. Preferred Vendor selected

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    The evaluation committee has selected a preferred vendor to develop Solar Farm 2.0, and the Chancellor's office approved moving forward with contract development. PEI will work with this vendor to complete the next steps of the award process. The vendor name will be announced upon approval of the contracts in fall 2019.

  5. Net Metering on campus

    For all of our buildings with renewable energy systems, we employ a net metering method.  We deduct the energy supplied by the system from the building load on the campus grid.  So, if ECE uses about 250,000 kwh of electricity per month, and the rooftop array will supply 10,000 kwh per month, then the net bill for the ECE building will be 240,000 kwh at the campus electricity rate.  Therefore, the building gets full credit for the energy supplied by the array.