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  1. UC Solar

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    Last chance to learn about solar at a Power Hour tomorrow at Common Ground

    Last chance to learn about solar at a Power Hour tomorrow at Common Ground




    Solar Urbana-Champaign 
    Surpasses 250 kW goal!!

    We are extremely proud to announce that we have surpassed the 250 kW benchmark! Right now we have 280 kW and counting. As you know, due to our program design, all participants get a total of 3% off their solar array now that we have collectively reached 250 kW. We have only one more Solar Power Hour remaining, so now's your chance to attend if you haven't already. Our final Power Hour is tomorrow night (Tuesday, May 10) at the Common Ground Food Co-op. Last December, we launched the program at Common Ground, and had no way of knowing how incredibly pro-solar the community would be. Tomorrow as we convene there again, we can look back at a stellar program in a stellar community. You are truly an amazing bunch! You can still let your friends, neighbors, relatives, and networks know about this program and how they can go solar. Help spread the word to your networks! Forward this email to 3 of your contacts!


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    The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through education and demonstration.

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  2. Architecture Review Committee approval

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    The Architecture Review Committee (ARC) approved the concept for rooftop solar on the Idea Garden shed, per this description from F&S Engineer Kristine Chalifoux: "Engineering Design has been approached by the Illinois Extension about designing solar panels for the roof of the shed at the arboretum.  They would like to cover the room with panels and use batteries in the shed to store the power.  They would like to have a light on site, ability to use power tools, and possibly some heat during the winter.

    The panels would be approximately (depending on manufacturer) 3’x5’ and cover the entire south facing portion of the roof.  The roof has two slopes with a shallower slope at the front.  Both would be covered."

    ARC approved the request and concept of installing the solar panels on the roof of the shed providing that the integrity of the shed could support the installation. 

  3. Project status update

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    ECE rooftop solar project update:

    1) The original PO bought approximately 500 panels for $240,925.  This was funded with $100K from the DCEO grant, and $140,925 from the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) funding. 

    2) The original funding plan was for a total project cost of $900,000.  It was made up of $225K from the SSC, $250K from DCEO, $100 from the Grainger Center for Engineering, and $325K from the department and college.  When DCEO cut the grant funding with the state budget crisis, the project stalled with just the initial purchase of panels completed.

    3) Current campus project implementation methodology requires this project to go through the Capital Programs process for installation of the panels.  ECE is seeking project funding and approval for the full installation.

    4) ECE has initiated a PO for the remaining 421 panels from a sole source vendor, at a discounted rate. 

  4. Process comment from F&S

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    Kristine Chalifoux provided this process information to Ava Heap: "The first step is to get approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  Without their approval, you will not be able to proceed with the project.  If you have any drawings or documentation of what you all want, please forward it to me.  If you do not, I can take a picture of the shed and put together a sketch to submit to them

    Once we have their approval, you can move forward with getting proposals.  All contractors who work on campus must be an approved vendor.  If installers you are talking to are not, they will have to partner with a contractor who is.  Most likely, this will be an electrical contractor, of which there are many locally.

    After you have proposals, you will need to submit them to us to review for conformance to University Standards.  We will review and comment on them."