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Projects Updates for Topic: street lights

  1. Campus map with street and parking lights

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    On October 28, 2016, Chad Kupferschmid provided Morgan Johnston and Sarthak Prasad with the campus map with all the street and parking lights owned by the campus or the city of Urbana or Champaign. The main purpose of this map was to help with determining the boundary of the campus so that they could recommend which street lights should be preferred for the immediate projects.

  2. Dark Sky compliance information

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    The International Dark Sky Association ( has a Fixture Seal of Approval on certain products. Any outdoor lighting that is fully shielded, reduces blue light, and uses the least amount of energy to achieve the necessary level of visibility would be good to use on campus.  Outdoor lighting also affects sustainability as a matter of energy efficiency, effects on migratory birds, and the emotional connection to the environment fostered by a dark sky.