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  1. Recontacted BER Volunteers

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    With the students back in town for the semester, Marya Ryan re-contacted the Business in Environmental Responsibility (BER) volunteers she spoke with in the spring. The volunteers are helping with the glove recycling program. Over the summer, they identified contacts for nonparticipating departments with $2,000 or more in nitrile glove purchases for the first three quarters of fiscal year 2017-2018. Ryan emailed their contact person, Meghna Vijayan, and caught her up on events over the summer, such as the relocation of the trailer at PPSB and F&S's work with the Division of Research Safety. Ryan also asked whether they could help identify teaching coordinators in the teaching labs to assist with that work.

  2. Filify 3D Receives SSC Funding

    Filify 3D is a new project this semester, working to make 3D printing more sustainable and eco-friendly. This semester, the project is looking to sell fused filament ends (which are otherwise thrown away) back to campus 3D Printing labs. They will also be constructing and refining the design to a shredder and extruder to recycle failed prints. Ultimately, they hope to expand their capacity to be able to recycle plastic water bottles for use in 3D prints. This project is a cross functional one.

    The Student Sustainability Committee is providing funding for some materials and supplies.

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  3. Stay Glassy Receives SSC Funding

    Stay Glassy looks to target glass bottles, an abundant and unused resource in the Champaign-Urbana community, to create a product that will benefit the community. By working with underserved members of our community to create a viable marketplace product, Stay Glassy achieves two goals: reduce glass waste and create meaningful employment in Champaign-Urbana. This semester, the project is changing scope from educating the community through "at home'' glass up-cycling workshops to focusing on a glass repurposing business. Project associates should expect to work on aspects of business development and product innovation.

    The Student Sustainability Committee funded project supplies and workspace.

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  4. Archived web info - CSE Student Groups

    Student Groupsstudents walking inside BIF

    Want to learn more about sustainability issues? Want to make a difference? 
    Want to put your knowledge and skills to use? 
    Want to have fun?



    Below are some groups to explore.

    Campus Registered Student Organizations

    • American Fisheries Society University of Illinois Student Chapter
     Ecological Design Consortium
     Energy Club
     Engineers Without Borders
     Environmental Law Society 
     IRenergy: Illini Renewable Energy Group
     Red Bison
     Student Planning Organization
     Student Sustainability Committee
     Students for Environmental Concerns
     The Wildlife Society University of Illinois Student Chapter

    Volunteer Opportunities 

     Alternative Spring Break
     Sustainable Student Farm






    National Sustainability Organizations

     Roots and Shoots
     Student Affairs Green Team
     The Green Observer

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  5. Allen Hall cardboard box recycling drive

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    My name is Max Colon, and I am a Resident Advisor in Allen Hall that works with a sustainability group to try and keep Allen green. Every year, we hold a recycling box drive where our organization hands out cardboard recycling boxes that have been given to us by Housing. I have a attached a photo of one of these boxes for identification purposes. I am wondering if it is possible for you to help me figure out who in Housing should be contacted in order to continue this tradition. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated! - Max

    We had the boxes over 10 years and we have depleted all supplies last year. Sorry- Vonne Ortiz