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Projects Updates for Topic: surveys

  1. Trans010 Mode Switch Survey - Submittal

    The Transportation SWATeam made the following recommendation: 

    "The Transportation SWATeam kindly requests the creation of a survey which would question faculty and staff who travel out of town for conferences or other university-sponsored activities on their decided mode of transportation. This survey would be voluntary and facilitated by the Transportation SWATeam. An example of a question would be something like: 'In the past year, what has been the main reason for the travel you selected?'"

    See attached the SWATeam recommendation Trans010 Mode Share Survey with comments from Transportation SWATeam members.

  2. e-Week survey message

    Associated Project(s): 

    Facilities and Services is collecting information on departmental bicycle fleets as part of the Campus Bicycle Plan. If you are interested in options for how to better sustain, grow or optimize your existing fleet, fill out the important survey by Oct. 14. Those interested in receiving information on starting a departmental bike fleet can fill out the form:

    Logan Ebeling . Facilities and Services

  3. Congrats from USGBC


    Nishant --

    You nailed it! Your institution has been selected for the 2014 edition of The Princeton Review’s Guide to 332 Green Colleges! The guide, published in partnership with the Center for Green Schools, profiles the institutions of higher education in the United States and Canada that demonstrate notable commitments to sustainability in their academic offerings, campus infrastructure, activities and career preparation. Your USGBC Students group will be called out with a special logo within your institution’s section! The guide will be officially released on April 17th, and your institution’s communications department will receive an official press release from The Princeton Review the day before – April 16th.  We’ve put together some tools below for your group to work “behind the scenes” now to line up promotional opportunities around campus. By acting on this opportunity now and after the launch date, your group and institution’s combined efforts can garner maximum excitement and exposure.  

    Take these three actions to get the most out of this moment:

    1. Now: Get Ready.
      • Reach out to the communications department at your school and prep them to celebrate the launch on April 17th through social media. Encourage them to place this medallion on their website so prospective students know sustainability is a priority.
      • Reach out to the school paper to find out how you can contribute a blog or article for your school newspaper –you can use these talking points and photo to help you submit to your school newspaper. This is a big deal, and we want your campus to know!
    2. April 17th: Launch and Celebrate!
    3. Facebook and tweet at your university using the hashtag #PRGreenGuide (Tweet at and follow us: @MyGreenSchools)
    4. Write a letter (template here!) to the college president or board of trustees thanking them for their sustainability commitment and drawing attention to all that your school has accomplished. You can again use these talking points and pull from your school’s section, which you can access here as soon as it’s published.
    5. This accomplishment should be a key talking point for campus tours so incoming students can recognize the sustainability initiatives and efforts on campus. Contact your admissions office and ask them to include  information specific to your institution. To do this, plug your school's information into this template.
    6. Have an on campus activity planned for Earth Day or another time this semester? Make sure to display the guide or highlight the information included in your school’s section at events and activities fairs.
    7. Then: Maintain the Momentum.

    You’ll be hearing from me again when the guide is officially released on April 17th. Don’t forget to let me know what you’re doing on campus to promote your institution in The Princeton Review Guide and share any media placements in this brief survey  so we can help you celebrate nationally! For 62% of incoming students, sustainability on campus is a factor in their decision to attend a college. This could mean major growth for your USGBC Students group!  Questions? E-mail Hannah at


    Hannah Debelius
    Program Manager, USGBC Students



  4. Illinois named to the Green College Honor Roll

    The Princeton Review Green College Honor Roll 2014Illinois is pleased to be named to the 2014 Princeton Review Green College Honor Roll.  The Princeton Review tallies information from over 800 schools on sustainability practices and Illinois is one of only 22 to be named to the Honor Roll!

    Criteria for the Green College Honor Roll broadly covers three areas: 1) whether the school’s students have a campus quality of life that is healthy and sustainable, 2) how well the school is preparing its students for employment and citizenship in a world defined by environmental challenges, and 3) the school's overall commitment to environmental issues. The survey includes questions about the school's energy use, recycling, food, buildings, and transportation as well as academic offerings and sustainability-related action plans.

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