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  1. NCPD conceptualization mtg

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    Today’s meeting covered LED fixture questions and concerns:

    They presented data and layout with luminescence patterns for 2 fixtures one costing $400. 00/fixture and another $1000.00/fixture. It was mentioned that we need dimming features but no specifics on how or the criteria for that.

    Also covered were:

    • different configurations for trusses and rows of PV modules, scaffolding, and height and spacing requirements for same.
    • The module size and efficiency requirements needed to create 1600(Mwh) of power annually, along with quantities per different sq/ft
    • Drainage for the snow and rain off of the modules, along with snow removal equipment in the bay areas
    • Shading impact due to elevator towers, and overlapping rays during the winter months effecting production and how to handle these issues
    • Central inverter scheme being the most effective and the optional layouts and wiring for same.
    • DC combiner boxes layout scheme and wiring to reduce the effects of shading on power production
  2. Urbana Green Buildings Showcase June 8, 2013

    Please join the City of Urbana, Champaign County Sustainability Network (CCNet), area facilities, and the U.S. Green Building Council-Illinois Chapter for a green buildings tour to be held Saturday, June 8, 2013. This free tour will showcase energy efficient building strategies and sustainable practices. Homeowners and green building professionals will be available on-site to discuss their projects and answer your questions.
    The program will be presented as a tour. Attendees will spend 45 minutes at each location, and they will have the opportunity to ask questions and view components. The tour circuit is within an approximate 5-mile radius. 15 minutes will be allowed to travel to the next location. Please plan accordingly.


    8:00 AM - Welcome at Market Square

    8:30 AM - Hendrick House (904 W. Green Street)

    9:30 AM - Affordable Dublin Passivhaus (1302 W. Dublin Street)

    10:30 AM - Crystal View Townhomes (102 Stebbins Drive)

    11:30 AM - Vellenga Sustainable Property (704 S. Anderson)

    12:30 PM - Commencement


    Meet at City Information booth at Market at the Square (Lincoln Square Mall, Downtown Urbana).

    The Market opens at 7:00 AM and breakfast food vendors will be available.

    For additional event information, please contact Scott R. Tess, City of Urbana Sustainability Manager at 217-384-2381 or

  3. Urbana hosts rain barrel and compost bin sale

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    Discounted Rain Barrel and Compost Bin Sale Scheduled for this Saturday

    The Cities of Urbana and Champaign along with the University of Illinois Extension will host a truck sale this Saturday featuring deeply discounted rain barrels and compost bins.  The May 25th sale will be held in the parking lot north of the City Building at the corner of South Vine Street and East Green Street from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

    Rain barrels, available for purchase for $55.00, help residents store water for gardening.  This practice helps reduce demand on aquifer water while reducing runoff to the city stormwater system.  Compost bins, available for purchase for $45.00, help residents turn food scrap and landscape trimmings into nutrient-rich compost for gardening while reducing waste sent to landfills.  Associated compost products including kitchen collection containers, compost aerators, and compost thermometers will also be available for purchase.

    Interested residents should park at the City Building or other designated parking areas and line up to make their purchases on foot.  After making purchases residents can load their vehicles in the alley behind the parking lot.  For faster service on the day of the sale, residents can pre-pay for their products online at

    For more information, please contact Scott Tess at 217-384-2381 or

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  4. Farm Stand on the Quad begins Thursday

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    The Sustainable Student Farm, a program of the Student Sustainability Committee, and in cooperation with the Illini Union, will begin its weekly Farm Stand on the Quad on Thursday (May 23). The Farm Stand is open every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., selling fresh produce grown on campus. The Farm Stand is located on the south side of the Illini Union.

  5. herbicide to be sprayed

    From: Marlin, John C
    Sent: Monday, May 13, 2013 4:37 PM
    To: Welch, Ryan B
    Cc: Johnston, Morgan B
    Subject: Grass herbicide for Florida Orchard

    A container of Assure II is now at the S. Lincoln grounds Barn.  I left it with Eric who put it in the location with the chemicals.  There is a note taped to the top with my name on it and saying it is for Ryan Welch for Florida—Orchard.

    I am supposed to mention that the herbicide needs to have a little crop oil mixed in as per the label.  Also the person who sprayed last time said to make sure your guy knows there are a couple ground hog holes in the field.

    The targeted grass is quackgrass.   The prime target areas are fairly obvious and need the most attention.  The worst area is just south of the mulched area and extends quite a way up the hill.  It should probably be done first in case we run out of mix.   Then there is a large swath just to the west of the trees going most of the way up the field. 

    Attached is a copy of the Assure II label. 

    I will need a little warning in order to remove some marker flags from the field.   Use my cell as well as email, as I do not always see my email in a timely manner.   We can be ready about any time you can schedule it.    

    The spray can come a couple feet  into the edge of the mulched area.   I will put pink flags along the edge.  If possible use a machine with some extended spray arms to minimize the number of prairie plants that will be ridden over by wheels.   The bar on the sprayer that did the roundup last year had wide wheels and the spray bar was only as wide as the machine.

    The weather channel predicts next Tue and Wed as 10% chance of rain.



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  6. IBI team considering trailer for equipment location

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    Amanda Lietz met with Stephanie Lage and Morgan Johnston to discuss the next steps for the Illinois Biodiesel Initiative (IBI).  They are looking into the possibility of purchasing an all-inclusive bioreactor trailer which would handle the entire reaction needed to change the waste vegetable oil into biodiesel and soap.  The IBI students are going to identify the exact trailer specifications they are looking for and work with F&S to identify an appropriate location for the trailer.

  7. Six proposals received and being reviewed

    The Sustainability Fellows program has received six formal proposals for FY14.  These are being reviewed and evaluated, then the Chancellor will select the FY14 Sustainability Fellow recipients.  The Fellows will be announced at the Sustainability Symposium on April 22, at 2pm in the Illini Union, Rooms A and B.

  8. Illini Hall

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    As part of the Lighting Retrofit #5, 610 T-12 fixtures in Illini Hall were replaced with more energy-efficient T-8 fixtures. This switch will incur an Annual kWh Savings of 96,185 hours. The simple payback for this project is 3.56 years.