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  1. DFA - Project update

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    Thanks for the introduction, Rajee.


    Hi Morgan, I'm a Freshmen here at University of Illinois Champaign Urbana. This is my first time participating in an organization like Design For America and I can't wait to see the process and outcome of our project. All of your help for our community outreach is greatly appreciated and I'm excited to work with you!


    Thank you so much,


  2. Project update - DFA

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    Hi Morgan,Thank you for taking the time to meet with me a few weeks ago! Since we last spoke, we have hit a few bumps in the road! First, our team did not get the Nationals Project with P&G; however, we still intend to take the next few months to tackle the plastic film recycling challenge. Using the information and insights that you provided us, we have been able to establish a list of community organizations and members we would like to reach out to.We also spoke with County Market, only to find that they actually just discard their plastic bags in the regular dumpsters despite being listed as official bag collectors on the Champaign website. Thus, we are still looking for viable avenues to gather more information before proceeding with the project. If you would be able to provide us with any potential contacts that we could reach out to, we would really appreciate it!Finally, I would like to introduce you to Elisa, who will be our team's point of contact with community partners. She will be taking over communication with you.Thank you again for all of your help! Please let us know if you have any further questions, or if there’s any other information we can provide. We look forward to working with you throughout the year!Best,

  3. Calculating line losses

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    We can calculate the difference between what was billed, and what was purchased for potable water on campus. The difference could be made up of several things:

    • Leaks

    • Unbilled usage (that is, someone is taking water off the system for which we don’t have a meter reading)

    • Meter errors

    • Difference in usage days.

    IAWC bills out on a consistent basis. Our utility meter reads don’t always correspond to the same schedule.

  4. Climate Emergency Letter

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    I approve signing this on behalf of the system - thanks, Evan, for your leadership



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    On Sep 11, 2019, at 2:32 PM, Delucia, Evan H <> wrote:

    Dear Tim,


    All three U of I campuses have signed the Second Nature climate commitment for American higher education institutions.  The Climate Emergency Letter is associated with international efforts, and it is already signed by Second Nature, automatically bringing in our three campuses.  It is an opportunity to reinforce the commitments of the Urbana, Springfield, and Chicago campuses, while also sending a clear signal to the System Office departments and employees. 


    The letter is simply this:

    “As institutions and networks of higher and further education from across the world, we collectively declare a Climate Emergency in recognition of the need for a drastic societal shift to combat the growing threat of climate change. 

    The young minds that are shaped by our institutions must be equipped with the knowledge, skills and capability to respond to the ever-growing challenges of climate change. We all need to work together to nurture a habitable planet for future generations and to play our part in building a greener and cleaner future for all.

    We are today committing to collectively step up to the challenge by supporting a three-point plan which includes:

    1.       Mobilizing more resources for action-oriented climate change research and skills creation;

    2.       Committing to going carbon neutral by 2030 or 2050 at the very latest;

    3.       Increasing the delivery of environmental and sustainability education across curriculum, campus and community outreach programmes.

    We call on governments and other education institutions to join us in declaring a Climate Emergency and back this up with actions that will help create a better future for both people and our planet.”  


    The Urbana commitment is to be carbon neutral as soon as possible, and no later than 2050, I am writing to ask that you sign the Climate Emergency Letter to formally have our System join the commitment and the international movement. 


    This has a deadline of November 1, 2019, so that the signatories can be shared at the COP 25 in Chile this December. Click here to sign.








    Evan H. De Lucia, Ph.D.
    G. William Arends Professor of Integrative Biology
    Baum Family Director, Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment
    Director, Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation
    University of Illinois

    phone: 217 333 6177
    fax: 217 244 7246


  5. Weekly Update - Long waitlist

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    All, Last week was crazy busy. A couple of my staffers were sick or injured, leaving me well understaffed. We had a waiting list 2 – 3 deep every day. On Friday there were six or so people on the waiting list and I think most just abandoned the idea of being able to get any fixing time. Our model of first come, first served is a little problematic in that way—especially when stands are occupied with B-a-Bs that last the entirety of open hours. Down the line, separating open hours from B-a-Bs might be a good idea for the super crazy months.
    This week I am heading over to the warehouse to look at this year’s crop of bikes. Parking said there are hardly any good ones but I’m fine with that. Fewer total bikes is a win in my book!
    Thanks to Todd for grabbing scrap this weekend.


    The numbers:
    Visitors: 89
    Sales: $1,282.20
    Memberships: 25 for $750
    Build-a-Bike: 2 for $65
    Tire/tubes: 18 for $139



    Jacob Benjamin
    Manager, Campus Bike Center

  6. DFA - request for advisor

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    Hi Morgan, 


    I hope your week is going well! I am with a team from Design for America, a student-run organization on campus, and we are working on a project with P&G to help citizens recycle plastic film more responsibly in our local communities. 


    For the project, we are required to work with a faculty advisor to help guide us through the research phase. While more involvement is more than welcome, we only ask to meet 3-4 times throughout the semester. 


    Your background in campus sustainability efforts and experience as Director of Sustainability at F&S is really exciting and would be an amazing perspective to add to our project. 


    We would love to hear about your work and any insights you might have, even if you are unavailable to work with us as a faculty advisor! Please let me know when would be a good time to chat this week! 




  7. Meeting recap: Vet Med Rain Garden

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    Good Afternoon,

    Thank you to everyone who came to our meeting yesterday. I am happy that we are going to get started! Here is a quick recap:

    • Our plan for this early stage is simply weeding the area as much as we can. Anything that is not listed as part of the original seed mix or as serving a purpose can be pulled out.
    • Special attention should be paid to tree saplings you spot. I told Brent about this and he said he would send Grounds over to specifically herbicide the trees. In the meantime, we can try to pull these out after rain showers to make things easier. 
    • I plan on updating the plant identification sheet I sent out and hopefully we can get a laminated copy to place near the rain garden for anyone who is out there. I know the first sheet was a bit hard to read, so until I get the new one with pictures figured out, I have attached a simple list of what should be there and some examples of what shouldn't be there (if you see something out there that is not on the list, feel free to weed it) 
    • Most of you said that you'd just go out during your lunch breaks to weed a bit throughout the week, that works for me. I know most you know each other in some form or another so if you'd like set up some sort of schedule feel free, I'll leave that up to you all.
    • As the weeds get pulled out we will start to see how much space we have to put in plugs. We might even be able to get gallon plugs to put in late Fall or Spring that will have a better chance of staying alive. 
    • When the school year starts I think it would be great to see if we could get some more volunteers and set up some day where bunch of us go out and do some work at the same time and make an event out of it. More info on that to come.  

    Thanks again for everyone's help! If you have any questions or comments related to what I stated in this email or just in general feel free to email me.


    All my best,



     Vet Med Rain Garden Plant Identifier Doc