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Projects Updates for Topic: waste transfer station

  1. PWR006 Expanded Recycling recommendation - Assessment with comments

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on September 25, 2015, to discuss and start the assessment of SWATeam recommendation PWR006 Expanded Recycling. The iWG's official comment for this recommendation was:

    "The iWG enthusiastically supports this recommendation."

    See attached the iWG assessment of SWATeam recommendation, PWR006 Expanded Recycling, complete with official comments from all the iWG members.

    See SWATeam recommendation PWR006 Expanded Recycling here.

  2. PWR006 Expanded Recycling recommendation - Submittal

    The PWR SWATeam submitted a recommendation to the iWG stating, "We recommend that the Waste Transfer Station accept all plastics number 1 through 7 to simplify what can be recycled and to better align with what is accepted by the Cities of Champaign and Urbana, The University of Illinois Chicago, Parkland College, students' high schools, and students' homes."

     See attached the SWATeam recommendation PWR006 Expanded Recycling complete with comments from all the PWR SWATeam members.