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Projects Updates for Topic: Water


  1. Morgan talks with Mark Warner in Plumbing Shop

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    Mark Warner is the Plumbing Shop Foreman who will oversee the installations of these water fountain glass fillers.  Morgan gave him the preliminary priority list, discussed the work order methodology, and gave him the SSC funding requirements document.  The key points in the SSC funding requirements are (1) the funds must be spent by May 31, 2014, and (2) there must be at least 57 glass fillers installed with this funding.

    Morgan will submit one work order for each building. 

  2. meeting with Morgan and Amy

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    Amy Liu and Morgan Johnston discussed the process for moving forward.

    1. Morgan will submit a work order to F&S installers.
    2. Morgan will schedule a tour of the proposed locations, with Amy, Morgan, and the F&S installation contact.
    3. F&S installers will proceed to install the glass fillers as quickly as possible, in the order previous identified.
    4. Amy will meet with the Illinois Student Senate, Environmental Sustainability Committee, to seek their attention to this project.
    5. Amy will continue working on the anti-water bottle campaign.


  3. List of Locations

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    David Mischiu and Amy Liu met today to form a very basic list of priority buildings for filler installment. Additionally, they determined which floors for each building would be most useful to have them on. Here is the list, 1 indicating highest priority. 

    1. Undergraduate Library, floors 1 and ground level
    2. Grainger Library, all floors
    3. Ikenberry Commons, floor 1
    4. Armory, floors 1 and 3
    5. Wohlers Hall, floors 1 and 2
    6. Loomis Lab, floors 1 and 2
    7. Siebel Center, basement and floor 1
    8. Natural Resources Building, floors 1 and 2

    They still want to take a look a few more buildings in the quad. Whatever is surveyed from that might not even change the list presented already, but add to how this project could materialize in the future.

  4. discussion with Dave Wilcoxen and Eliana Brown

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    The Sustainability Fellows program was going to include a research fellowship for Professor Gale Fulton to create a stormwater master plan for campus, utilizing green infrastructure.  Unfortunately, Professor Fulton took a job at another university.  To move forward with the stormwater master plan, the F&S Environmental Compliance department will seek to create a stormwater master plan for campus using student assistants and in-house staff.

  5. Anna hired to complete this work

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    Eliana Brown provided the following update.

    • Anna Hochhalter was hired by F&S for the summer to complete a revised design of the Burrill/Morrill walkway rain garden / native plants improvements.  She reviewed the entire walkway from Mathews to Goodwin.  Her report is expected August 15th.
    • The space should be multifunctional, use native plants, accommodate the stormwater run off with green infrastructure.  It could include new lighting and artworks.
    • This project will use the existing SSC funding, as well as other funding sources.  The other funding sources may include Champaign County Soil and Water Conservation District, and/or F&S.
    • Eliana will take the project scope change request to SSC this fall, for approval.
    • Matt Edmonson has been involved with this project and will inform Eliana about any additional campus approvals that may be needed.
  6. potential water reuse at NCPD

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    From: Lev, James R
    Sent: Saturday, June 08, 2013 8:21 AM
    To: Reeser, Doris Jean
    Cc: Kim, Qu; Bundren, Brian Christopher; Johnston, Morgan B
    Subject: U13038 NCPD - install solar array - conceputualization (U-1937)

    We have an opportunity in this project at the Parking Deck that I want to put on the table right away as it could affect the other projects underway on the ground floor of the building. 

    the parking deck solar array project will provide energy capacity to the ECE project in its goal to achieve net Zero status.  it will also provide power for new LED lighting throughout the parking deck. 

    We will be collecting or harvesting rainwater from the proposed solar array project on the top parking deck.  at this time the plan is to direct the water directly into the drainage system for the building.  this would be the sanitary system since the water on the decks have runoff from vehicles.     

    At little expense this water could be redirected and used for irrigation or flushing toilets on the ground floor.  this would require some storage capacity somewhere in the structure and some alteration to the water supply piping.   splitting the water supply piping between potable water and flushing water would need to be done now for that option to be used on the first floor..   otherwise this potential use of harvested water could be installed later.

    Paul Foote has told me that there are grants available to pay for this type of conservation measure. 

    Is this worth investigating at this late date in your projects?

    It seems to be an opportunity that fits well with everything that is being done at the parking deck.  I felt that I should at least raise the question and not miss an opportunity for a sustainable addition to the facility.


    James R. Lev AIA

    Architect, Capital Planning

    Facilities & Services

    University of Illinois

    Champaign, Illinois