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Project Updates for collection: 2010 iCAP F&S projects


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  1. Progress with MTD, Zipcar, and Chilled Water extension project

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    There is a Chilled Water extension project planned for this summer and fall along Springfield Avenue from Mathews to the Grainger Crosswalk.  The Crosswalk pavement and ramps will be upgraded at that time, for enhanced pedestrian safety.

    Met with the Parking Department and MTD about the costs for transit service and faculty/staff access for the University in the new MTD contract for FY13-15.

    Met with the Zipcar partners in town about the status of the Zipcar program in the community.  Our account rep will be changing for the first time in a couple of years, and we are eager to keep the program running strong.

  2. Bicycle Facilities and Programs Projects Continue

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    Student intern met with employees at Christopher Hall to make recommendations for new bike parking.

    Submitted additional information about bike parking to the SSC, and were granted an award for $250,000 to revamp existing bike parking areas at various key locations throughout campus.

    Campus Transportation Committee met and reviewed all bike related iCAP projects. 

    Bike sharing survey went live from the LINC course, as described above.

    Staff met with employees at the Arboretum to make recommendations for new bike parking near the parking lot between the Idea Garden and the Japan House.

    Staff met with Housing representatives to discuss a potential pilot trial of distributed bike parking enforcement.  This would allow F&S to train and authorize certain key facility managers in proper procedures for impounding bikes parking improperly.  Housing will draft a proposal in the next few months, then F&S will discuss the merits with appropriate campus representatives (such as Legal Counsel, the Parking Department, and Campus Planning) and determine how to proceed.

    Sample Varsity Bike racks were provided for a one-year free trial to Champaign County Bikes.  The Architecture Review Committee approved testing them at the east side of the Illini Union.  The Union’s approval is pending an approval from SSC for the bike parking improvements at the southwest corner, with FY10 SSC funding.

  3. MTD Contract Renewal and Car Sharing Promotions

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    Continued contract renewal work for the University and MTD three-year contract form FY13-FY15.  The students approved recommended transportation fees which will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees this spring. 

    Staff held weekly conference calls with Zipcar about promoting car-sharing on campus, and provided input to the University of Iowa and Eastern Illinois University regarding their car sharing plans.

  4. Abbott Power granted permit

    Abbott Power Plant was granted an IEPA permit to co-fire biomass with coal until June 30, 2013.  F&S intends to do some test burns this spring with wood chips.  Wood chips have a good track record in stoker boilers, and we are fairly confident we can demonstrate a successful trial.  In addition, wood chips appear to be one of the most cost effective sources of biomass available at this time.

  5. Mark Barcus will be F&S point of contact


    My name is Mark Barcus and I am Dean Henson’s new assistant and he has asked me to work on the SSC weatherization project. I would like to set up a meeting with you and Morgan Johnston and myself to see where we are at. When would be a good time to meet?



    Mark A. Barcus

    Assistant Superintendent

    Building Maintenance

    University of Illinois

    Facilities & Services



  6. Campus Makes Public Transportation Improvements

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    Funding was approved for several pavement improvements on campus streets.  These improvements will reduce gas consumption and corresponding emissions for vehicle traffic; restripe the bike lanes on a portion of Gregory Drive; extend the bike lanes on Fourth Street south to Kirby Avenue; add pedestrian countdown traffic signals at two signalized intersections; implement traffic calming measures, such as curb bump outs for increased pedestrian safety in key locations; and improve one block of the Illinois Marathon route on First Street, between Peabody Drive and Kirby Avenue.

    Staff are participating in weekly conference calls with Zipcar to encourage the use of car sharing and active transportation on campus. A Zipcar winter welcome special offer was shared in the OS newsletter and through the OS twitter account.

  7. Grants in Progress for Increased Funding

    Several grants are in progress to meet iCAP goals.  Staff submitted the quarterly reports for DCEO ARRA Large Customer Thermal Grant on January 5.  We also requested a funding increase for this grant from DCEO and are currently waiting for their decision.  F&S applied for the F-SCRAP Grant from DCEO, for $250,000 for the Large-Scale Food Waste Composting Facility, submitted January 13.  Energy Services continued discussions with DCEO about FY12 Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards (EEPS) Grant Applications.   Energy Services also met for the first time with a DCEO contact about a new grant program for steam traps. We will develop a proposal to pursue the grant. 

  8. Campus Composting Progress

    Associated Project(s): 

    The firm that was hired last fall to complete the Compost Feasibility Study, Foth, submitted a draft of their study to the University in early January for comments.  Immediately following, F&S applied for $250,000 from the F-SCRAP Grant from DCEO, for equipment and site improvements for the Large-Scale Food Waste Composting Facility.  In order to apply for the grant, the University was required to commit to funding the remaining portion of the facility’s proposed budget, and an emergency phone meeting was called by the Student Sustainability Committee to assign funding toward this. The committee voted in favor and granted $250,000 toward the project.  A draft plan for the compost facility was also developed and distributed to key stakeholders in mid-January for feedback. 

  9. update from Tom

    From: Thomas Ferrarell []
    Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2012 10:27 PM
    To: Allen, Amy E; Beverage, McKenzie; Johnston, Morgan B
    Subject: Re: Weatherization

    I met with Dean, and I e-mailed all the groups, I'll send Julie a copy. I'll need to stop by McKenzie's office early this week to get their documents back so they can begin working on their lists. I'll also touch base with the additional buildings tomorrow morning before giving the teams their next assignments.

    Dean gave me a new timeline. He would like the recommendation lists by February 1st. He'll give the lists to people that will find the money values for the line items. He estimates that will take roughly 2 weeks. Once that is done, we will meet with all the team leaders and have a conversation about how to best use the $50,000. We were going to set that meeting somewhere in the ball park of February 20th. So right around then is when we'll be done.

    -Thomas Ferrarell

    On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 9:15 PM, Amy Allen <> wrote:

    Hey Tom,
           Were you able to get in touch w the teams about doing more buildings & presentations to Dean? Just an FYI, SECS' temporary weatherization group leader is Julie Fry(<>).