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Project Updates for collection: 2010 iCAP F&S projects


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  1. Student support

    In February 2008, the students leaders in the environment movement wrote letters to the Provost Linda Katehi, Chancellor Robert Herman, and Facilities and Services Administration, Dr. John Dempsey. These letters were signed by the student leaders and expressed their excitement and support to the project.

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  2. Estimates from GE proposal

    The project proposal was received from GE Wind Energy on September 10th 2007, and opened on September 16th 2007. According to the proposal, the estimate for construction is a range of $11.4 million to $12.6 million and for the total project budget would be $12.1 million to $13.4 million.

    Also, GE Wind Energy proposal stated an October 1, 2007 expiration date! This estimate infers that the university's current budget ($5.7 million) is enough to build only one turbine.

  3. Proposal from GE

    GE Wind Energy were the only ones who would quote the University of Illinois. (Vistas said they were not taking orders for anything less than 30 MW, however, the UI project was for only 4.5 MW)

    GE could not meet the August 16th deadline and therefore, the university extended the deadline to September 20th. The university received GE's proposal on September 10th. However, GE quoted the turbines to be delivered by late 2009 or early 2010.


  4. EAPC hired to develop construction documents

    The UI Board of Trustees approved hiring a North Dakota company, Engineers Architects PC, to develop plans for building three wind turbines on the UI's South Farms. The UI will pay the North Dakota firm, Engineers Architects PC, $87,500 to design the project and prepare construction documents, plus $24,000 in additional fees. Reimbursable expenses are not to exceed $46,000.