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Project Updates for collection: Renewable Energy Projects


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  1. 2010 iCAP Solar goals

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    The 2010 iCAP included goals to increase renewable energy on campus.  Regarding solar energy, the 2010 iCAP said, "A full study for solar electric or thermal energies has not yet been conducted. Estimates of the built campus area of ~5 square kilometers can likely accommodate 5 percent solar photovoltaic (PV) array coverage as rooftop solar—or about 250,000 square meters, with peak generation capacity of 25 MW, and generating 45 million kWh of electricity. This has the potential to displace 10 percent of current campus electricity usage. Potential for larger tracking arrays on the South Farms also exists."  It also included the strategy, "Increase the amount of solar photovoltaic and thermal projects."

  2. Solar Decathlon 2009 Funding Agreement

    This proposal seeks to provide funding for student education centered around the University of Illinois’s participation in the 2011 US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Competition. Each student team participating in this prestigious, international competition is required to build an entirely solar-powered 800 sq. foot house with innovative design features. This grant will provide funds for the development of new courses and enhancement of existing courses, provisioning of course materials and software, and the sponsorship of guest lecturers and consultants ($25,000), the employment of graduate students in coordinating roles for education and volunteer engagement activities ($15,000), and student travel associated with the competition ($10,000). The last UI entry in the Solar Decathlon competition engaged hundreds of students and was the highest-placed US finisher in the Competition; furthermore this participation will require the team to raise $700,000 at a time of severe campus budget constraints. Thus, the Student Sustainability Committee is in favor of funding this proposal in the amount of $50,000.

  3. Open Geothermal at ISTC Project Funding Agreement

    The goal of this project is to conduct a feasibility study regarding installing an open geothermal loop underneath the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center.  The open geothermal loop would take water from one of the many nearby aquifers and only introduce heat into the system.   The project will increase awareness of geothermal systems, determine the physical and chemical attributes of the aquifer, and study integrating the geothermal system with the current HVAC system.  The ISTC hopes to decrease their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 25%-50%. The ISTC would test the procedure on this building, but hopes to extend it to other campus buildings.  Thus, the Student Sustainability Committee is in favor of funding the full requested amount of $27,000.

  4. Green Allerton Wood-fired Boiler Funding Agreement

    The goal of this project is to replace a natural gas heating system at Allerton Park with an Outdoor Wood-fired Boiler System. This replacement will eliminate considerable CO2 emissions from the current system and result in substantial cost savings. The use of a renewable resource (wood) in place of a non-renewable one (natural gas), combined with the greenhouse gas emissions reduction will help increase campus sustainability, thus the Student Sustainability Committee is in favor of funding the full requested amount of $25,500.

  5. Project kick off

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    The kickoff meeting for the ISTC geothermal study was led by Todd Rusk at ISTC on March 9, 2009.  The agenda was 1) to discuss the overall project objectives, tasks, and requirements and 2) to begin preparations for drilling the test wells.

    Participants included: Tom Abram, Eliana Brown, Kenneth Hlinka, Thomas Holm, Michael Jeffords, David Larson, Tim Lindsey, Kent Reifsteck, Bill Shilts, Douglas Walker, and Angela Wisehart.