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Projects Updates for Student Sustainability Committee (SSC)

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  1. Sustainability Grammys 2022!

    The first-ever Sustainability Grammys, hosted by iSEE, SSLC, SSC, and the Illini Union Board was a tremendous success! Congratulations to Red Bison, Project4Less, and Grow2Give on earning awards in the Impact, Engagement, and Initiative categories respectively. 

  2. SSC Seeking Subject Matter Experts for Sustainability Competition this Fall

    The Student Sustainability Committee will be managing the Reimagine Our Future Undergraduate Sustainability Competition.

    If any subject-matter experts are interested in participating this year, we ask that you fill out this google form indicating your availability and your specialty before August 6th.

    For more information, you can view the attached the PowerPoint describing this year’s competition or check out Reimagine's website.


  3. SSC Meeting Reminder

    From: Student Sustainability Committee
    Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2022 11:20 PM
    To: SSC Board (2021-2022)-group; Alkhatib, Sari; Stumpf, Andrew J; Moore, Meredith Kaye; Benson, Eric; Brinkworth, Jessica F; Green, Eric William; Ngumbi, Esther Ndumi; Smith, Kyle C; Houser, Barry; McSweeney, Kevin; Peacock, Lisa Marie; Kelley, Hunter; Nifong, Lucy; Guth, David Christian; White, Morgan; Hintz, James
    Subject: SSC Meeting Reminder!

    Friends and longtime Jack supporters,

    Hello. It's that time of year again. Did you enjoy your week of respite from my emails (ignore emails that I also sent today)? Well bad news, it's time to pay the piper. Per usual, we have an SSC meeting tomorrow at 4 pm both online and in the Campus Instructional Facility, room 3038. We'll be voting on one scope change (it's about rockets, so cool and good) and doing a bunch of other cool stuff. As always, if you can't make it and/or you'd like to elect a proxy to attend on your behalf, let me know! I'd also like to express my small preference for members to attend in-person meetings when possible. I think there tends to be a little more involvement in discussion when I can spur people to talk with my steely glare. Obviously, don't feel pressured to attend in-person if you have some kind of spatial conflict or any concerns about illness/general wellness! Just saying, all things equal, if you value my opinion, that's like my slight slight preference. Tomorrow specifically, there is a special treat in it for you if you attend in-person. There's a slight incentive there, see, because there's a thing we need to do with as many of us as possible, which can only be done in-person. If you still can't make it, don't worry the opportunity cost here of attending online is max, maybe $6. Happy to venmo you the difference if you're really broken up about it.

    Anyhow, I'm rambling, here's the agenda (including link to scope change) which you should ideally check out before the meeting. Hope to see you there! Zoom below!


  4. Time-sensitive Petition to raise SSC fees by $3.94

    Note: Deadline was extended to March 1


    "Hey guys! The SSC needs your help! We are currently circulating a time-sensitive petition to raise SSC fees by $3.94. We need over 2,000 signatures by February 22! 


    Right now, the SSC collects $14 from each student via the Cleaner Energy Technologies Fee and the Sustainable Campus Environment Fee, which together is called the Illinois Green Fund. This money goes into a pot, and the SSC allocates that pot of money toward student- and faculty-led sustainability projects. This fee hasn't increased in years, despite increases in tuition and national inflation. To continue to adequately support sustainability projects, we need more funding! 


    If we don't hit our mark, the SSC won't be considered for more funding :( Please please please sign this, promote it on your social media, and send it to your general members." Maria Maring (2-16-2022)

  5. SSC Semesterly Report: Identifying the Campus Benefits of a Large-Scale Prairie Experiment

    SSC received semester report for Fall 2021 for Identifying the Campus Benefits of a Large-Scale Prairie Experiment project on 1/23/2022. Please see attached.