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Metric: 1.0 Total Campus GHG Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions are generally categorized into three “scopes.” Scope 1 consists of emissions resulting from on-campus activities that we have direct control over and includes combustion at Abbott Power Plant, fleet emissions, and agricultural emissions. Scope 2 consists of emissions resulting from purchased electricity, which we have a moderate degree of control over. For example, we could reduce Scope 2 emissions by entering into power purchase agreements with low-carbon energy sources such as wind farms, biomass power plants, or nuclear power plants. Scope 3 consists of other emissions that occur off campus as a result of campus activities; these include commuting, air travel, solid waste, and the effects of purchasing goods and services.

This metric is the total of the three scopes.

Project Metrics

1.0 Total Campus GHG Emissions (Tracked by Fiscal Year)


Value Applicable Date Affirmed By Annotation
484,984.10 Jun 30 2016
484,389.70 Jun 30 2015
515,689.30 Jun 30 2014
501,780.40 Jun 30 2013
462,152.30 Jun 30 2012
475,864.40 Jun 30 2011
485,006.30 Jun 30 2010
546,286.50 Jun 30 2009
574,844.00 Jun 30 2008