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Weekly update for Zero Waste

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on August 20, 2017

Hello all,

Here are my updates from last week:

  • Battery recycling information in the iCAP portal has been updated to reflect the change from the dual rechargeable/single-use recycling program to the unified program offered through Call2Recycle. I have a note out to Morgan and Joy to double-check accuracy.
  • I’m continuing work on the glove recycling program materials. I got answers to questions I sent to Fisher and now await answers from Kimberly Clark.
  • As you know, CRI’s new owner (Midwest Fiber) does not offer glass-only recycling pickup service. I have to call and/or email them to see if they will continue to accept drop-offs. I have also started calling local waste haulers and recyclers to see if any of them offer glass recycling pickup or drop-off. I have contacted 4 so far; 2 do not offer service, and 2 are seeking more information and will call me back. I have 8 more on my list to call. I will also look into what other campuses in Central Illinois are doing to manage that part of the waste stream.
  • I referred the Ashton Woods resident who is wanting expanded recycling service to Joe Glass at Housing, per your recommendation.


Marya Ryan

Zero Waste Coordinator