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LED Exterior Lights (In Progress)

Project History

  • 5/10/2017

    The Revolving Loan Fund selection committee has approved funding for all the viable RLF projects.  See attached image for list.

  • 4/2/2017

    F&S requested funding from the Student Sustainability Committee for replacing 352 metal hallide lights along pedestrian walkways on campus with LED fixtures, expected to save approximately 90 tons of carbon dioxide per year.


As part of the iCAP and LED Campus initiatives at the University, exterior lights are being upgraded with LEDs. This is part of the LED Campus commitment to replace all exterior fixtures on campus with LEDs by 2025.  Street lights are the responsibility of various jurisdictions in the University District.  Parking Lot lighting is the responsibilty of the Parking Department.  Walkway lighting is the responsibility of Facilities & Services.  Responsibility for exterior lighting attached to buildings is dependent on the Division of Responsibility documents for each building.


Project Location(s)

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