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Zero Waste (In Progress)

Project History

  • 7/13/2017

    Morgan Johnston and Marya Ryan met with Nick Osborne at the Wounded Vets’ Center on March 23 to discuss glass recycling. Anna Barnes designed a glass recycling label for use inside the Center.

  • 3/15/2017

    At the PWR SWAT Team meeting on March 15th, the team debated over the message in the new Ethics Compliance Message concerning recycling standards and rules.


The comprehensive Zero Waste Program will include sustainable procurement components, targeted reuse programs, clear recycling education with incentives for participation, and specific targets focused on waste minimization.  Therefore, the objectives for waste minimization cover all these aspects.

  1. By FY17, environmental standards will be applied to purchases of office paper, cleaning products, computers, other electronics, and freight/package delivery services.  At least 50% of purchases in these categories will meet campus standards by FY20, and 75% by FY25.
  2. Reduce MSW waste going to landfills.  This involves reducing non-durable goods purchases, effectively re-using materials, and recycling.  In the latter category, campus will increase the diversion rate of MSW to 45% by FY20, 60% by FY25, and 80% by FY35, while also increasing the total diversion rate to 90% by FY20 and 95% by FY25.  MSW sent to landfills should decline to 2,000 tons annually by 2035.
  3. Utilize landfills with methane capture.
  4. Appropriately staff Zero Waste efforts through the hiring of a full-time Zero Waste Coordinator.

Please see the 2015 iCAP Chapter on Purchasing, Waste, and Recycling, for more information.


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