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Inventory Sustainability Courses (Completed)


Assess existing courses to identify which courses meet specific requirements in the learning outcomes, and identify gaps for future curriculum development

Course listings for undergraduate and graduate levels were examined to develop an inclusive list of courses related to sustainability.  An online survey of department heads was conducted in Fall 2010 which served to verify the list developed, sought feedback on perceived gaps and desired future offerings, and gained insight about the degree to which the learning outcomes are being addressed (58 departments responded out of 165). The inventory is designed to help students identify courses by several categories, including whether a course fulfills a general education requirement and whether the course is undergraduate and graduate level.  The inventory revealed more than 250 courses and can be found on the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment website. 

The inventory conducted at the time did not distinguish between sustainability related and focused courses.  Sustainability related covers only one aspect of sustainability, i.e., economic, social, or environmental, whereas focused covers all three.

Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Stephanie Lage


  • Proposed June 1, 2009
    Proposed by Barbara Minsker
    Approved July 1, 2009
    Approved by Robert Easter
    Started January 20, 2010
    Started by Education Task Force
    Completed December 17, 2010
    Completed by Education Task Force