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Increase Bicycle Use (In Progress)

Project History


The 2015 iCAP, chapter 4, objective 5, is "Implement the Campus Bike Plan on the schedule noted in that plan. Notable deadlines include full implementation of new bikeway facilities by FY25, bike parking within 150 feet of every building in the core of campus by FY20, and bike rentals by FY20." The campus is home to an estimated 10,000 cyclists, including students, staff, and faculty. In order to increase ridership and the safety of all roadway users, the University recognizes that it must take a number of steps to improve both the culture and infrastructure around cycling on campus. For example:

With these and many other tactics, the University hopes to encourage more members of the campus community to choose bicycling as a preferred method of transportation, and in doing so help us to reach our goals to reduce transportation-related emissions. 


Bicycling is an excellent mode of transportation in Champaign-Urbana. The roads are laid out in a grid system along cardinal directions, so it is difficult to get lost. The terrain is very flat, so there are only rare locations where you will be pedaling up a steep slope. The community is working to embrace bicycling throughout town, so be patient and you will see the bicycle infrastructure steadily improving.

Based on survey data from 2007 and from 2011, there are increasing numbers of people on campus using bicycling as their primary mode of travel.

Mode-choice surveys Percentage that commute by bicycle
Students Staff Faculty
2007 miPlan surveys 9% 4% 4%
2011 CUUATS survey 12% 6% 18%


Project Team

  • Team Members:

    • Stacey DeLorenzo
    • James Roedl
    • Morgan Johnston
    • Lily Wilcock