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Metric: Solar Farm Generation

This metric represents the annual kilowatt-hours of solar energy production at the first Solar Farm, per Mike Marquissee's solar farm efficiency report.

Metric Chart

Solar Farm Generation (Tracked by Fiscal Year)


  • FY 2016:

    not a complete year of production


Value Applicable Date Affirmed By Annotation
6,972,970.00 Jun 30 2020 Morgan White
7,014,940.00 Jun 30 2019 Morgan White
6,373,804.00 Jun 30 2018 Mike Marquissee
7,168,917.00 Jun 30 2017 Morgan White
3,839,282.00 Jun 30 2016 Morgan Johnston

not a complete year of production


Plan Alignment:
Year Target Value

Metric Topic

Tracking Date Type

Fiscal Year [July - June]