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The Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) is the strategic framework for meeting our Climate Leadership Commitments to be carbon-neutral by 2050 and build resilience with our local community.

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Objectives Dashboard

Our Objectives Dashboard links iCAP Objectives to key performance metrics tracking our progress toward achieving the Climate Leadership Commitments.

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Sustainability Themes

iCAP Projects are organized into ten themes to help you find the projects of interest to you: Energy, Transportation, Water, Zero Waste, Land, Reporting, Outreach, Education, Research, and Funding.

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Image Gallery

Many projects have associated image galleries. You can see the images for a project by visiting the project page or view the site-wide image gallery:

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If you have an idea to share or know of an existing project not listed here, we want to know about it! All the iCAP Projects began as someone's suggestion.

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Illini Lights Out began as a student suggestion!