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Theme Status Project
Education Completed Scholarship of Sustainability Series
Education Ongoing Illinois Solar Decathlon
Education Ongoing Eco-Reps
Education Proposed Provide incentives for sustainability education
Education Ongoing Student Sustainability Committee (SSC)
Education Proposed Sustainability Immersive Experience
Education Ongoing Sustainable Studies in the Humanities
Education Ongoing Encourage Course Development or Modification
Education In Progress iSEE Collaboratory
Education In Progress Inner Voices
Education Proposed Development of Experiential Learning Sites
Education Completed Teaching Sustainability Workshop aka Prairie Project
Education Ongoing Illini Formula Electric
Education Ongoing Sustainability Living Learning Community (SLLC)
Education Ongoing CEE 398 Project Based Learning (PBL)
Education Ongoing Support sustainability courses through guest lectures
Education In Progress Eco Illini Supermileage
Education Ongoing Sustainability Minor
Education In Progress Illini EcoConcept
Education Cancelled LAS Honors College - Sustainability Partners
Education Proposed Develop Sustainability Education definition
Education Ongoing Parapro Training in Sustainability
Education Ongoing Curriculum
Education Completed CEE 598 SUS with Barbara Minsker
Education In Progress Enactus
Education Ongoing Student Sustainability Educators Program
Education In Progress Certificate in Environmental Writing (CEW)
Education Ongoing Rhet class interviews
Education In Progress Friday Forums
Education Completed Prairie Project Instructional Workshop
Education Completed ECI Educational Funding
Education Completed Develop Sustainability Learning Outcomes
Education Ongoing Independent Student Projects
Education Ongoing Co-curricular Sustainability Programs
Education Ongoing Sustainability in New Student Orientation
Education Ongoing Inventory Sustainability Courses
Education Ongoing ESE 360 with Rob Kanter
Education Completed NRES 285: Sustainability Metrics and Evaluation Techniques
Education Ongoing Educate Future Leaders
Education Completed Sustainability Literacy Assessment
Education Completed Science Policy Workshop
Energy Completed Lighting Retrofit #5
Energy Ongoing LED Exit Signs
Energy Ongoing AFMFA Energy Conservation Projects
Energy In Progress Building-Level Energy Usage Report
Energy Completed Kill a Watt Monitors at Libraries
Energy Completed FY16 RCx
Energy Completed FY15 RCx
Energy Ongoing Energy Conservation Incentive Program (ECIP)
Energy Ongoing Biomass use on Campus
Energy Completed Plant Sciences Window Shades
Energy Proposed Rooftop Wind Generators
Energy Proposed Biogasification
Energy Completed SAIC projects
Energy Cancelled Vet Med Miscanthus CHP Boiler
Energy Ongoing Pipe Insulation
Energy Cancelled Art- East Annex Studio 1 Daylighting
Energy Ongoing Geothermal on Campus
Energy Completed FY18 RCx
Energy Completed LED Bi-Level Lighting pilot
Energy Completed Geothermal at Allerton Park
Energy Completed FY17 RCx
Energy Proposed Update and Enforce Campus Computer Policy
Energy Ongoing Convert Fume Hoods from CAV to VAV
Energy Ongoing Reduce Active Fume Hoods
Energy Ongoing LED Interior Lights
Energy Ongoing Chip PC Thin Client
Energy In Progress ECE Rooftop Solar PVs
Energy Completed T-12 to T-8 Lighting Retrofit
Energy Cancelled Solar Panels on Everitt Lab
Energy In Progress CEE Hydrosystems Energy Lab Geothermal
Energy In Progress Campus Instructional Facility (CIF) Geothermal
Energy Proposed Green Your Dorm
Energy Proposed Speech and Hearing Rooftop Solar PVs
Energy Completed Presentations with Energy Liaisons
Energy Ongoing Vending Machine Sensors
Energy Completed Krannert Art Museum LEDs
Energy Completed BIF Rooftop Solar PVs
Energy Completed Illini Union 104 & 222 Lighting
Energy Ongoing Geothermal Monitoring Well on Bardeen Quad
Energy Ongoing Lighting Conservation Projects
Energy Completed Geothermal Test Well at Energy Farm
Energy Completed Ground Mounted Solar PVs BRC Research Test Bed
Energy Cancelled Wind Turbine Generator(s) on South Farms
Energy Completed TBH Lighting Project
Energy In Progress SDRP Lighting
Energy Ongoing LED Street Projects
Energy Completed LED Projects 2012
Energy Completed Wassaja Hall Rooftop Solar PVs
Energy Completed ECE LED Lighting
Energy Completed ISTC Lighting Retrofits
Energy Completed Illini Union Audit and Retrofits
Energy Ongoing LED Exterior Lights
Energy Ongoing Computers and Technology
Energy Completed Rooftop Solar Potential
Energy Completed 2012 Exterior Doorway LED Lighting
Energy Proposed Wind Energy on Campus
Energy Ongoing LED Campus
Energy Ongoing Maintenance Division Energy Conservation Projects
Energy Proposed Rooftop Wind Vertical Turbines on PPSB
Energy In Progress Krannert Great Hall Lighting Retrofit
Energy In Progress Use Renewable / Low-carbon / Clean Energy
Energy Ongoing Student Competitions
Energy Ongoing Update Building Maintenance Procedures to Support Long-Term Energy Savings
Energy In Progress Carbon-Neutral Energy for Campus
Energy Completed Solar Farm 1.0
Energy Proposed Geothermal at the Energy Farm
Energy Ongoing Variable Speed Drives
Energy Completed Geothermal at the Fruit Farm Admin Building
Energy Ongoing Steam System Maintenance
Energy Completed ICECF 2008 Lighting Retrofit
Energy Completed Energy Use Policy
Energy Completed Weatherization of Small Campus Buildings
Energy Proposed Geothermal at the Bielfeldt Athletic Administration building
Energy In Progress LED Classroom Upgrade
Energy Ongoing Energy Performance Contracting / ESCO
Energy Completed FY10 RCx
Energy Completed Main Library Steam Reduction Project
Energy Completed Uni High Gym Rooftop Solar PVs
Energy In Progress Freezer Challenge
Energy Cancelled Solar PVs on Fruit Farm Admin Building
Energy In Progress Solar PVs at Idea Garden
Energy In Progress Solar Farm 2.0
Energy Proposed Install Solar PVs on NCPD
Energy Completed Biomass Boiler at the Energy Farm
Energy Completed FY09 RCx
Energy Cancelled ISTC Geothermal Loop
Energy Completed SSC Solar Feasibility Study
Energy Completed Green Allerton Wood-fired Boiler
Energy Completed KCPA Lobby Lighting
Energy Proposed Carbon Capture
Energy Proposed Anaerobic Digester at Beef and Sheep Study
Energy Completed Oak Street Chiller Plant ESCO
Energy Ongoing Consolidate Servers with Virtualization
Energy Completed Housing Lighting Retrofit
Energy Completed ICECF 2009 Lighting Retrofit
Energy Ongoing Smart Grid for Campus
Energy Completed E37 Parking Lot Solar Lighting
Energy Ongoing Occupancy and Daylight Sensors
Energy Completed Solar Thermal at ARC
Energy Completed KCPA Rooftop Solar Feasibility Study
Energy Proposed Reduce Energy Consumption from Computer Rooms
Energy Ongoing Solar Energy on Campus
Energy Ongoing Eco-Olympics
Energy Completed Vet Med ESCO
Energy Completed Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tank
Energy Completed Biomass co-firing pilot at Abbott Power Plant
Energy Proposed Stop Burning Coal at Abbott Power Plant
Energy In Progress ECE Net-Zero Energy Building
Energy Ongoing Reduce Emissions from Energy Consumption
Energy Completed Wind Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Energy Completed Utilities Master Plan for Energy Production and Distribution
Energy Ongoing DDC Command Center
Energy Ongoing Energy Recovery Wheels
Energy Ongoing Energy Conservation Efforts
Energy Ongoing Illini Lights Out
Energy In Progress Fume Hood Shut the Sash Campaign
Energy In Progress Changing Usage of Individuals
Energy In Progress Energy Dashboard Project
Energy In Progress PPA for National Petascale Computing Facility
Energy In Progress Explore Options for 100 Percent Clean Campus Energy
Energy Ongoing Power Purchase Agreements for Clean Energy
Energy Completed FY08 RCx
Energy Completed FY13 RCx
Energy Completed FY12 RCx
Energy Completed FY14 RCx
Energy Completed FY11 RCx
Energy Proposed Methane Capture on Campus
Energy Ongoing Energy Services Conservation Projects
Energy Ongoing Retrocommissioning (RCx)
Transportation Ongoing Bicycle Ambassador Program
Transportation In Progress Offset Emissions from Plane Trips
Transportation In Progress Bike at Illinois Website and Campaign
Transportation Ongoing Bike Sharing at Sustainability Living Learning Community
Transportation Ongoing Walkability Study
Transportation In Progress ADA Transition Plan
Transportation Ongoing Encourage Telecommuting in place of Business Trips
Transportation Completed 2014 Campus Bike Plan
Transportation Ongoing Encourage Train Travel for Personal Trips
Transportation Completed C-U Sharing the Road Video
Transportation Ongoing Increase Walking
Transportation Ongoing Walking Tours and Events
Transportation Proposed Incentives for Biking
Transportation Ongoing Encourage Train Travel for Business Trips
Transportation Ongoing Light the Night
Transportation Ongoing Traffic Citations
Transportation In Progress Develop Scenarios for Converting the UI Fleet to Renewable Fuels
Transportation Completed Enhanced Bus Stops
Transportation Ongoing Integrate Bicycles into Course Curriculum
Transportation Completed
Transportation Ongoing Bicycle Counts
Transportation Ongoing Appropriately Staff Sustainable Transportation Efforts
Transportation In Progress Reduce Bicycle Theft on Campus
Transportation Completed University Bicycle Ordinance
Transportation Ongoing Encourage Active Transportation
Transportation Completed FY11 SSC Bike Parking Upgrades
Transportation In Progress SmartWay Transport Partnership
Transportation Completed Consolidate Bus Stops
Transportation Ongoing Encourage Low-Emission Vehicles
Transportation Proposed Option for Bikes in Buildings
Transportation Ongoing Increase Zipcar Membership on Campus
Transportation Proposed Indoor Bike Parking
Transportation Ongoing Bicycle Education
Transportation Ongoing C-U Bike to Work Day
Transportation Proposed Encourage Ride-Sharing
Transportation In Progress Implement Bikeway Network from Campus Bike Plan
Transportation Proposed Support a Ride-Matching Program
Transportation Ongoing Bicycle Safety Materials
Transportation Ongoing Support the Illinois Biodiesel Initiative
Transportation Completed FY09 SSC Bike Parking Upgrades
Transportation Ongoing Reduce F&S Vehicle Idling
Transportation Ongoing Discourage Vehicles on Campus
Transportation Ongoing Reduce Business Travel Emissions
Transportation Ongoing Implement Lighting Committee Recommendations
Transportation Ongoing Install Curb Bump Outs for Pedestrian Safety
Transportation Completed Bike Sharing Feasibility Study
Transportation Cancelled F&S Indoor Bike Parking
Transportation Ongoing Departmental Bike Sharing
Transportation Ongoing Bike Sharing
Transportation Ongoing Support the CRIS Rural Transit System
Transportation Ongoing Support High Speed Rail Plans for Illinois
Transportation Completed Cycling Savvy Courses
Transportation Ongoing Increase Public Transportation Use
Transportation Ongoing Evaluation & Planning for Bicycles
Transportation Proposed Motorist Education about Bicycles
Transportation In Progress Improve Reporting and Metrics for Bicycles
Transportation Ongoing Decrease Emissions from UI Fleet
Transportation Completed Japan House and Arboretum Bicycle Parking
Transportation Completed University District Crosswalk Project
Transportation Ongoing Y-Cycles
Transportation Ongoing Enforcement for Safe Cycling
Transportation Ongoing Encourage Bicycle Use
Transportation Completed 'UI Bikes' LINC Class
Transportation Ongoing Increase use of Alternative Service Vehicles
Transportation Completed Illini Bikes
Transportation Ongoing Dockless Bike Sharing
Transportation Completed FY10 Bike Parking Survey
Transportation Ongoing Encourage Walking
Transportation Ongoing Use Electric Vehicles (EV) on Campus
Transportation Ongoing Engineer for Bikes
Transportation Completed Multi-Modal Transportation Study
Transportation Ongoing Support the DRES Bus System
Transportation Ongoing Support Zipcar in Champaign-Urbana
Transportation Proposed Encourage Use of Intercity Buses
Transportation Ongoing Illinois Cross-Campus Bicycles (ICCB)
Transportation Ongoing Support the CUMTD Bus System
Transportation Ongoing Approve University Affiliation for Zipcar Membership
Transportation Proposed Encourage Ride-Sharing for Business Trips
Transportation Ongoing Increase Amtrak Use
Transportation Ongoing Traffic Calming
Transportation In Progress FY12 SSC Bike Parking Upgrades
Transportation Ongoing Bicycle Registration
Transportation Completed iWalk Toolkit
Transportation Completed Sheltered Bike Parking at CLSL
Transportation Completed Provide Shower Facilities for Cyclists
Transportation Ongoing Engineer for Pedestrian Safety
Transportation Ongoing C-U Area Bicycle Map
Transportation Ongoing Bicycle Safety Classes
Transportation Completed 2009 Bicycle Master Plan
Transportation Ongoing Install Public Use Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations
Transportation Ongoing Increase Bicycle Use
Transportation Ongoing League of American Bicyclists Courses
Transportation Proposed Bike Lockers
Transportation Ongoing Reduce Cars (Vehicle Miles Traveled) on Campus
Transportation Ongoing Upgrade Bike Parking U-loops
Transportation Completed Mechanics Classes at the Campus Bike Center
Transportation Ongoing Collect Cyclist Feedback
Transportation In Progress Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Project (MCORE)
Transportation Ongoing Campus Bike Center
Transportation Ongoing Provide Working Bikes for University Employees
Transportation Completed Bicycle Safety Posters by CCB
Transportation Completed Parking Master Plan
Transportation Completed Bikeway Conceptual Designs
Transportation Ongoing MTD Intergovernmental Agreement
Transportation Ongoing Bicycle Parking & Storage
Transportation Ongoing Reduce Transportation Emissions
Land & Space Ongoing Facility Standards
Land & Space Ongoing Maintain or Reduce Gross Square Footage
Land & Space Ongoing Responsible Stewardship of Campus Land
Land & Space Ongoing Sustainable Landscapes Plan
Land & Space In Progress Bee Campus USA
Land & Space Ongoing Woody Perennial Polyculture (WPP) Research Site
Land & Space Completed Woodland Plants at NRB
Land & Space Completed Illinois Natural History Survey: LEED Silver
Land & Space Completed Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory (IBRL): LEED Silver
Land & Space Completed Ikenberry Dining Hall: LEED Silver
Land & Space Completed Illinois Fire Service Institute: LEED Silver
Land & Space Completed Yeh Student Center: LEED Silver
Land & Space Ongoing Growing Local Foods
Land & Space Completed Chi Omega native plants
Land & Space In Progress Root to Roof Program
Land & Space Ongoing Native Plantings & Prairies
Land & Space In Progress Sustainable Agricultural Food System
Land & Space Ongoing Implement Energy Standards
Land & Space Completed Bousfield Hall: LEED Platinum
Land & Space Completed Nugent Hall: LEED Silver
Land & Space Completed Lincoln Hall Renovation: LEED Platinum
Land & Space Ongoing Sustainable Student Farm
Land & Space Completed Natural History Building: LEED Gold
Land & Space In Progress Tomato Processing and Packaging
Land & Space Ongoing Responsible Stewardship of Campus Buildings and Space
Land & Space In Progress Orchard Downs Community Gardens
Land & Space Completed NCSA Petascale: LEED Gold
Land & Space Completed Wassaja Hall: LEED Gold
Land & Space Proposed Space Marketplace
Land & Space Cancelled Orchard Downs Multifunctional Landscape (ODMFL)
Land & Space Ongoing LEED Certification
Land & Space Completed Burrill/ Morrill Walkway
Land & Space Completed Huff Hall, Khan Annex: LEED Silver
Land & Space Completed Graduate Dance Space
Land & Space Completed Vet Med Prairies
Land & Space Proposed Sustainable Agricultural Practices
Land & Space Proposed Assess and Reduce Agricultural GHG Emissions
Land & Space In Progress LAR Native Plants
Land & Space Completed Business Instructional Facility: LEED Platinum
Land & Space In Progress Fly Ash Phosphorous Filtration
Land & Space Completed State Farm Center: LEED Gold
Land & Space Completed Campus Honors House
Land & Space Proposed The Illinois Path
Land & Space Ongoing Carbon Sequestration
Land & Space Completed Wounded Veterans in Higher Education: LEED Gold
Land & Space Completed Surveying Building: LEED Gold
Land & Space Completed Prairie Restoration at Florida & Orchard
Land & Space Completed Native Plants at Arboretum
Land & Space Ongoing Tree Campus USA
Land & Space Ongoing Bevier Café Herb Garden
Land & Space In Progress Campus Tree Inventory
Land & Space Ongoing Low Mow Zones
Land & Space Ongoing Committee on Natural Areas
Land & Space Completed Chem Annex Renovation and Addition: LEED Gold
Land & Space In Progress Davenport Hall Carbon Garden
Land & Space Completed Small Prairie at Natural Resources Building
Land & Space In Progress Uni High Butterfly Garden
Land & Space Completed Incorporate Sustainability Principles into Campus Master Plan
Water Ongoing Install Low Flow Fixtures throughout Campus
Water Proposed Connect Raw Water System
Water Proposed State Laws for Non-Potable Water
Water Proposed Construct Tile-Drainage Wetlands
Water Proposed Charge for "true cost of water"
Water Ongoing Green Infrastructure
Water Completed Storm Drain Murals
Water Completed Campus Rec Water Conservation Incentives
Water Ongoing Reduce Potable Water Usage
Water Completed University Housing Trayless Dining
Water Completed Pipe Leakage Assessment
Water Proposed Rainwater Capture Systems
Water Proposed Use of Non-Potable Water
Water Proposed Turner Greenhouse water cooling systems
Water Completed Green Nozzles
Water Proposed Reduce Nitrates from Agricultural Stormwater
Water In Progress Water Audit / Inventory
Water Ongoing Obtain and Publicize Water Data
Water Ongoing Stormwater Management Program
Water Completed Medicine Take-Back Program
Water Ongoing Clean up campus
Water Completed Conduct True Cost of Water Study for Chiller Plants
Water In Progress Reduce Cooling Tower and Chiller Plant Water Use
Water Ongoing Boneyard Creek Management
Water Ongoing Rain Gardens on Campus
Water In Progress BIF Greywater Pipe System
Water In Progress Inventory and Benchmark Existing Landscape Performance
Water Completed Porous Asphalt Parking Lot C9
Water Proposed Hartley Garden Renovation
Water In Progress Vet Med Rain Garden
Water In Progress Red Oak Rain Garden
Water Completed Green Infrastructure Conference
Water Completed Green Roof on KCPA
Water Completed Green Roof on Robert A. Evers Laboratory
Water Completed Green Roof on Yeh Student Center NCEL addition
Water Ongoing Water Conservation
Water Completed Green Roof on Art & Design Link Gallery
Water Proposed Green Roof on Foreign Language Building
Water Completed Green Roof on Lincoln Hall
Water Completed Green Roof on iHotel
Water Completed Green Roof on the Business Instructional Facility (BIF)
Water Completed Green Roof on Bousfield Hall
Water Completed Green Roof on Undergraduate Library
Water In Progress Green Roof on Illinois Street Residence Hall
Water Ongoing Green Roofs on Campus
Funding Ongoing Campus as a Living Lab Seed Funding
Funding Ongoing Utilize Carbon Credits
Funding Proposed Sustainable Investment Practices
Funding Ongoing Foundation/Donor Support
Funding Ongoing Cleaner Energy Technologies Fee
Funding Proposed Net Zero Energy Building Grant
Funding Ongoing Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)
Funding Ongoing Seek External Grant Funding for Implementation
Funding Proposed Education Grants
Funding Proposed Develop Local Carbon Offset Program
Funding Ongoing Sustainable Campus Environment Fee
Funding Ongoing Bike Plan account at UIF for donations
Funding Completed Donation for Center for a Sustainable Environment
Funding Ongoing Identify funding for projects without payback
Funding Ongoing University of Illinois Foundation Accounts for iCAP
Funding Ongoing Seek External Grant Funding for Research
Funding Ongoing AFMFA- Deferred Maintenance Funds
Funding Ongoing ICECF Grants
Funding Proposed Use Carbon Credits to meet Commitments
Funding Ongoing Carbon Credit Purchasing Program with Second Nature
Funding Ongoing DCEO Grants
Funding Completed EEPs – Energy Efficiency Grants
Funding Cancelled Virtual Storeroom for Carbon Offsets
Funding Proposed Incorporate Carbon Costs of Food
Funding Cancelled F-SCRAP Grant
Funding Proposed Create Resource Plan for iCAP
Funding Ongoing National Endowment for the Humanities
Funding Completed Private Donation for Prairie at Florida and Orchard
Funding Ongoing Bicycle Programs and Infrastructure Fee
Funding Completed ARRA Large Customer
Funding Ongoing Identify Internal Funding Sources
Funding Ongoing Funding for Sustainability
Funding Proposed Solar account at UIF for donations
Funding Ongoing Transportation Grants
Funding Ongoing Develop a Funding Solution for the iCAP
Funding Ongoing DCEO New Construction Grants
Funding Completed Provost Fellow for Sustainability
Funding Ongoing Illini Union Revolving Loan Pool
Funding Proposed Allocate Maintenance Funds for Sustainability Improvements
Funding Ongoing Donor Contributions
Funding Completed Lighting Retrofits ICECF Grants
Funding Completed Steam Traps/Boilers/Pipe Insulation
Funding Cancelled Solar Water Heaters ICECF Grant
Funding In Progress Allocate Savings
Funding Proposed Carbon Offsets for Major Users
Funding Ongoing Allocate Existing Resources
Funding Ongoing NEH Sustaining Cultural Heritage Implementation Grant
Funding Proposed Internal price on carbon
Funding Cancelled Combined Heat and Power (CHP) grant
Funding Ongoing Utility and Energy Services Funds
Funding Completed Chevrolet Bonneville Foundation carbon credits
Funding Cancelled Wind Turbine ICECF Grant
Procurement & Waste In Progress Increase Recycling through the WTS
Procurement & Waste Completed Recycling Bins Pilot at Ikenberry
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Vegetarian-Fed Food Purchases
Procurement & Waste In Progress Encourage Use of Recycling Bins
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Reuse Surplus Goods and Valuable "Waste"
Procurement & Waste Completed Recycling for the Quad
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Policy on Polystyrene Products
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Decrease Wasteful Practices through Behavior Change
Procurement & Waste Proposed Surplus Catalog
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Zero Waste
Procurement & Waste In Progress CornCrete
Procurement & Waste Proposed Legislation to Resell Surplus Goods Publicly
Procurement & Waste In Progress E2E Paradigm for Food Waste to Biofuel and Biomaterial
Procurement & Waste Completed Project Paplet
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Enviropures
Procurement & Waste In Progress Outdoor Recycling Bin Update
Procurement & Waste Cancelled Large-Scale Food Waste Composting
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Sustainable Procurement
Procurement & Waste Proposed Full-Cost Accounting and Life-Cycle Analysis
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Pallet Recycling
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Sustainable Food Practices
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Food Donation
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Reduce Foodwaste
Procurement & Waste Proposed Allow Salvage of Campus Buildings Before Demolition
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Develop Local Foods Network
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Battery Recycling
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Glass Recycling at Housing Catering Services
Procurement & Waste Proposed Adopt Environmental Indicators to Guide Purchasing Standards
Procurement & Waste In Progress Indoor Bin Update
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Food Purchases from Local Sources
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Confinement-Free Food Purchases
Procurement & Waste Completed Green Cleaning Products and Practices
Procurement & Waste Completed Waste Stream Characterization Study Phase 2
Procurement & Waste In Progress Styrecycle: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) recycling program
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Rechargeable Battery Recycling
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Implement Solutions for Special Recyclables
Procurement & Waste Completed Skip the Bag Campaign
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Establish a Net Zero Waste Plan and Policy
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Lamp & Ballast Recycling
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Develop Sustainable Purchasing Policies
Procurement & Waste In Progress Aquaponics System Demonstration Unit
Procurement & Waste Completed RecycleMania
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Mill Shop Sawdust Recycling
Procurement & Waste Completed Waste Stream Characterization Study Phase 1
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Support the YMCA Dump and Run
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Single-Use Battery Recycling
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Hormone-Free Food Purchases
Procurement & Waste In Progress Zero Waste Woodshop
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Increase Recycling Rates
Procurement & Waste In Progress Recycled-Content Paper Policy in CAM
Procurement & Waste Completed Annual International Sustainable Electronics Competition
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Printer Cartridge Recycling
Procurement & Waste Completed Water Fountain Retrofit
Procurement & Waste In Progress Measure waste levels in dumpsters
Procurement & Waste In Progress Illini Urban Farmers Hydroponics System
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Use Landfills with Methane-capture Technology
Procurement & Waste In Progress Appropriately Staff Zero Waste Efforts
Procurement & Waste In Progress Vermicompost
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Handling waste chemicals
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Illini Gadget Garage
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Glove Recycling
Procurement & Waste Completed Bevier Café Reusable Carry-out Program
Procurement & Waste Proposed Campus-Wide Bottle/Can Deposit Program
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Durable Good Transfers
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Sustainable Building Materials
Procurement & Waste Completed Zero Waste Gameday Challenge Spring 2014
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Seafood Purchases
Procurement & Waste Proposed Incorporate Disposal Costs of Products
Procurement & Waste Ongoing Address Electronic Waste (e-waste)
Procurement & Waste Completed Zero Waste Gameday Challenge Fall 2014
Reporting Progress Proposed Energy SWATeam
Reporting Progress Ongoing Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact
Reporting Progress Ongoing Bicycle Friendly University Status
Reporting Progress Completed Activities Reports
Reporting Progress Completed Illinois Governor's Sustainability Award
Reporting Progress Ongoing Report on Progress
Reporting Progress Ongoing Issue Press Releases and Sustainability Reports
Reporting Progress Ongoing Billion Dollar Green Challenge
Reporting Progress Completed Illinois: A Climate Action Plan (2010 iCAP)
Reporting Progress Ongoing Carbon Commitment
Reporting Progress Ongoing Water and Stormwater Recommendations Summary
Reporting Progress Ongoing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reports
Reporting Progress Completed The Princeton Review Green Honor Roll
Reporting Progress Ongoing ECBS Recommendations Summary
Reporting Progress Completed Annual Report to Deans' Budget Committee
Reporting Progress Ongoing Complete Surveys about Sustainability
Reporting Progress Completed Sustainable Endowments Institute Green Report Card
Reporting Progress In Progress Resilience Commitment
Reporting Progress Completed Clemson University green construction survey
Reporting Progress In Progress Division of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA) Climate Action Plan
Reporting Progress Proposed Land and Water SWATeam
Reporting Progress Completed State Waste Reduction Plan
Reporting Progress Ongoing ALUFS Recommendations Summary
Reporting Progress Completed Sierra Club surveys
Reporting Progress Ongoing Water and Stormwater SWATeam
Reporting Progress In Progress Resilience Working Advisory Team (RWAT)
Reporting Progress Ongoing Transportation Recommendations Summary
Reporting Progress Ongoing President's Strategic Framework
Reporting Progress Ongoing Transportation SWATeam
Reporting Progress Completed Second Nature Climate Leadership Award
Reporting Progress Completed Illinois Green Office Challenge Leaderboard
Reporting Progress Ongoing Sustainability iCAP Portal
Reporting Progress Ongoing Energy Conservation and Building Standards (ECBS) SWATeam
Reporting Progress Ongoing Zero Waste SWATeam
Reporting Progress Ongoing Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS)
Reporting Progress In Progress 2015 Illinois Climate Action Plan (2015 iCAP)
Reporting Progress Ongoing Press releases about specific projects
Reporting Progress Ongoing Make Climate Commitments
Reporting Progress Completed Allerton Climate Action Plan (apCAP)
Reporting Progress Ongoing EPA Green Power Partner
Reporting Progress Ongoing Agriculture, Land Use, Food, and Sequestration (ALUFS) SWATeam
Reporting Progress In Progress Formal Sustainability Procedures
Reporting Progress Ongoing Apply for Recognition
Reporting Progress Proposed Education SWATeam
Reporting Progress Ongoing Energy SWATeam Recommendations Summary
Reporting Progress Completed EPA RainWorks Challenge
Reporting Progress Ongoing Energy Generation, Purchasing, & Distribution (eGen) SWATeam
Reporting Progress Completed Building a Lasting University Environment (BLUE)
Reporting Progress Ongoing Zero Waste Recommendations Summary
Reporting Progress Ongoing eGen Recommendations Summary
Reporting Progress In Progress Sustainability Working Advisory Teams (SWATeams)
Outreach In Progress iCAP Working Group (iWG)
Outreach Ongoing Beyond Oil Campaign
Outreach Ongoing Teens Turning Green
Outreach Ongoing Offer Tours of Sustainability Facilities
Outreach Completed Take a Child Outside Week
Outreach Ongoing ActGreen
Outreach Completed Center for a Sustainable Environment (CSE)
Outreach Ongoing Participate in Regional Green Teams
Outreach Ongoing iSEE Congress
Outreach In Progress Illinois Biodiesel Initiative (IBI)
Outreach Completed USGBC IL Higher Education Sub-committee
Outreach Completed Illinois Green Government's Coordinating Council
Outreach Ongoing Facilitate campus-wide sustainability events
Outreach Ongoing Major Annual Events
Outreach Ongoing Earth Week
Outreach Ongoing Big Ten & Friends Sustainability
Outreach In Progress Build a Culture of Sustainability
Outreach Completed Mahomet Aquifer Sole Source Aquifer designation
Outreach Ongoing Contribute to a Regional Climate Action Plan
Outreach In Progress Sustainability Council
Outreach Completed Majora Carter Workshop
Outreach Completed Mapping Sustainability
Outreach Completed Community Conversation on Energy Conservation
Outreach Ongoing Green Observer
Outreach Ongoing Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC)
Outreach Ongoing Participate in Regional Sustainability Events
Outreach Completed IGBA Transportation Technical Advisory Group
Outreach Completed Illinois Green Office Challenge
Outreach Ongoing Students for Environmental ConcernS (SECS)
Outreach Completed Green My Crib
Outreach Completed Sustainable Electronics Campus Consortium
Outreach Completed Office of Sustainability
Outreach Completed Sustainability Meet and Greet Coffees
Outreach Ongoing Support Campus Green Teams
Outreach Ongoing Tikkun Chambana
Outreach Ongoing USGBC Student Chapter
Outreach Ongoing Student Groups with Sustainability Focus
Outreach Ongoing Champaign County Sustainability Network (CCNet)
Outreach Ongoing Sustainability Outreach
Outreach Completed DIA Green Team
Outreach Ongoing Certified Green Office Program (CGOP)
Outreach Ongoing Guest Speakers for Sustainability Topics
Outreach In Progress Solar Urbana-Champaign
Outreach Completed Energy Liaisons
Outreach Ongoing Advance Student Sustainability Outreach Efforts
Outreach Ongoing ISTC Sustainability Seminars
Outreach In Progress Certified Green Lab Program
Outreach Ongoing Campus Sustainability Week
Outreach Completed Urbana-Champaign Energy Star Challenge
Outreach Completed Environmental Change Institute
Outreach Ongoing Sustainability Practitioners at RPC
Outreach Ongoing University of Illinois at Chicago
Outreach Completed Illini Union One Book, One Campus
Outreach Proposed Add iCAP Principles to Annual Ethics Training
Outreach Ongoing Provide Centralized Communication about Sustainability
Research Opportunities Ongoing Infrastructure Management and Extreme Events (IMEE)
Research Opportunities Ongoing iSEE Thematic research
Research Opportunities Ongoing Decision, Risk and Management Sciences (DRMS)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Dimensions of Biodiversity
Research Opportunities Ongoing Energy for Sustainability
Research Opportunities Ongoing Hydrologic Sciences
Research Opportunities Ongoing Critical Zone Observatories (CZO)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Structural and Architectural Engineering and Materials (SAEM)
Research Opportunities Ongoing INTEGRATE
Research Opportunities Ongoing Innovative Development in Energy-Related Applied Science (IDEAS)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Advanced Grid and Research Development
Research Opportunities Ongoing Energy Assurance
Research Opportunities Ongoing Technology Development
Research Opportunities Ongoing Bioenergy Technologies Office
Research Opportunities Ongoing Building Technologies Office
Research Opportunities Ongoing Biorefinery, Renewable Chemical, and Biobased Product Manufacturing Assistance Program
Research Opportunities Ongoing Geothermal Technologies Office
Research Opportunities Ongoing SUNSHOT Initiative
Research Opportunities Ongoing Vehicle Technologies Office
Research Opportunities Ongoing Water for Food Production Systems Challenge
Research Opportunities Ongoing Wind Energy Technologies Office
Research Opportunities Ongoing Food Waste Reduction
Research Opportunities Ongoing Education and Literacy Initiative
Research Opportunities Ongoing Resilient Agroecosystems in a Changing Climate Challenge
Research Opportunities Ongoing Biological Technologies Office
Research Opportunities Ongoing U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Solid Waste Management Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing Defense Sciences Office (DSO)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Information Innovation Office (I2O)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Low and No-Emission Component Assessment Program (LoNo-CAP)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Transit Cooperative Research Program - 5312(i)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Zero Emissions Research Opportunity
Research Opportunities Ongoing Climate Change Research Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing Health Research Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Student Design Competition
Research Opportunities Ongoing Ecosystem Research Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing Environmental Education (EE) Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Office of behavioral and social sciences research
Research Opportunities Ongoing ESTCP
Research Opportunities Ongoing Army Research Lab (ARL)
Research Opportunities Ongoing SERDP
Research Opportunities Ongoing Bicycle and Pedestrian Program
Research Opportunities Ongoing FHWA Research and Development - Students
Research Opportunities Ongoing Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Research Opportunities Ongoing Transportation Alternatives
Research Opportunities Ongoing Bus and Bus Facilities Program
Research Opportunities Ongoing Public Transportation Innovation
Research Opportunities Ongoing National Institute of Health (NIH)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Program
Research Opportunities Ongoing Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Water Research Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing National Water Quality Program
Research Opportunities Ongoing Pollution Prevention (P2)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Air Research Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing Sustainability Research Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Office of Energy, Efficiency, and Renewable Energy (EERE)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Fuel Cell Technologies Office
Research Opportunities Ongoing Office of Electricity Supply and Energy Reliability (OE)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Biological and Environmental Research (BER)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Critical Agricultural Research and Extension (CARE)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Biomass Research and Development Initiative Competitive Grants Program (BRDI)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Supporting US Sustainable Development Goals
Research Opportunities Ongoing Earth Science Applications : Health and Air Quality
Research Opportunities Ongoing Illinois Water Resources Center - Annual Small Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing National Competitive Grants Program
Research Opportunities Ongoing Broad Agency Announcement
Research Opportunities Ongoing WaterSMART Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing Department of Defense (DOD)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Fish and Wildlife Service
Research Opportunities Ongoing Extreme Events: Preparedness, Planning, and Adaptation Within the Water Sector
Research Opportunities Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance for Small Water Systems
Research Opportunities Ongoing Office of Land and Emergency Management (OLEM)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Bureau of Reclamation
Research Opportunities Ongoing U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Research Opportunities Ongoing National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Water Prize Competition
Research Opportunities Ongoing Earth Science Applications : Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience
Research Opportunities Ongoing MURI program
Research Opportunities Ongoing Department of Energy (DOE)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Department of Interior (DOI)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Department of Transportation (DOT)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Campus Cyberinfrastructure
Research Opportunities Ongoing The Role of Reactive Nitrogen in Biogenic VOC Oxidation and Aerosol Formation
Research Opportunities Ongoing Civil Infrastructure Systems (CIS)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Rhizosphere Observations Optimizing Terrestrial Sequestration (ROOTS)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Coping with Drought in Support of the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Critical Resilient Interdependent Infrastructure Systems (CRISP)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Decision Frameworks for Multi-Hazard Resilient and Sustainable Buildings (RSB)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Prediction and Resilience Against Extreme Events (PREEVENTS)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Research Traineeship (NRT) Program
Research Opportunities Ongoing Advanced Power Electronics Designs for Solar Applications
Research Opportunities Ongoing Generation 3 Concentrating Solar Power Systems (Gen3CSP)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Solar Desalination
Research Opportunities Ongoing Batteries and Electrification to Enable Extreme Fast Charging
Research Opportunities Ongoing Childhood Obesity Prevention Challenge Area
Research Opportunities Ongoing Foundational Program
Research Opportunities Ongoing Community Food Projects
Research Opportunities Ongoing Environmental Health Sciences Core Centers (EHS CC)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Food Safety Challenge
Research Opportunities Ongoing Intensive Longitudinal Analysis of Health Behaviors: Leveraging New Technologies to Understand Health Behaviors
Research Opportunities Ongoing Mobile Monitoring of Cognitive Change
Research Opportunities Ongoing Living Sensors
Research Opportunities Ongoing Harnessing Autonomy for Countering Cyberadversary Systems (HACCS)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Medium/Heavy-Duty, On-Road Natural Gas Engine Research and Development
Research Opportunities Ongoing Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems (INFEWS)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Agile Delivery of Electrical Power Technology (ADEPT)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Methane Observation Networks with Innovative Technology to Obtain Reductions (MONITOR)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Cybersecurity for Critical Energy Infrastructure
Research Opportunities Ongoing Infrastructure Security and Energy Restoration (ISER)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Biofuels and Bioproducts from Wet and Gaseous Waste Streams: Challenges and Opportunities
Research Opportunities Ongoing Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Grants for Agricultural Research, Special Research Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing Healthy Habits: Timing for Developing Sustainable Healthy Behaviors in Children and Adolescents
Research Opportunities Ongoing Crop Protection and Pest Management (CPPM)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Research Opportunities and Projects
Research Opportunities Ongoing Cyber SEES
Research Opportunities Ongoing National Science Foundation (NSF)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Engineering for Natural Hazards (ENH)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Urban Water Small Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing Basic Energy Sciences (BES)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Biotechnology Risk Assessment Research Grants (BRAG) Program
Research Opportunities Ongoing National Research Programs
Research Opportunities Ongoing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Research Opportunities Ongoing U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Coastal SEES
Research Opportunities Proposed Interdisciplinary Research Seminar
Research Opportunities Ongoing Office of Science
Research Opportunities Ongoing Full-Spectrum Optimized Conversion and Utilization of Sunlight (FOCUS)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Energy, Power, Control and Networks (EPCN)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Environmental Engineering
Research Opportunities Ongoing Environmental Sustainability
Research Opportunities Ongoing Local Food Promotion Program
Research Opportunities Ongoing National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Sustainable Bioenergy Challenge
Research Opportunities Ongoing Higher Education - Institution Challenge Grants Program
Research Opportunities Ongoing Sustainable Agriculture, Research and Education (SARE)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA)
Research Opportunities Ongoing Office of Education Grants
Research Opportunities Ongoing iSEE Scholars
Research Opportunities Ongoing Water Power Technologies Office
Research Opportunities Ongoing Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems