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State Waste Reduction Plan

According to the Control Mandate #13 - Solid Waste Management Act (415 ILCS 20/3.1 thru 20/3.1), each State-supported institution of higher learning shall develop a comprehensive waste reduction plan covering a period of 10 years which addresses the management of solid waste generated by academic, administrative, student housing and other institutional functions.

Green Roof on Lincoln Hall

The Lincoln Hall remodeling project consisted of the rehabilitation, restoration, and remodeling of Lincoln Hall on the main quadrangle of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Campus. Three small courtyard additions were also part of the project. Two small green roofs (designed as sedum meadows) were also planted on the coutyard on SE and SW side.

Green Roof on iHotel

In the Fall of 2012, as a further step to conserve natural resources and encourage sustainability throughout the University of Illinois south campus, a 2,860 square-foot green roof system was developed for the conference center roof, adjoining the iHotel. This eco-friendly system created additional green space and complements the natural landscaping that has already been implemented in the Research Park.

Illini Bikes

The UIUC Pilot Bike Share program is a proposal for a two year pilot bike share program. This pilot program will be a 50 bike fleet. It will be using a new approach to bike sharing through smart locks. Smart locks contain all the technology for the bike-sharing program linked to a smart phone. The smart locks will allow for versatility in the type of bikes to use within the system and where the bikes could be located. iSEE is exploring a collaboration with BitLock for the smart locks and Neutral Cycle for the bikes.


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