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Green Cleaning Products and Practices

The Student Sustainability Committee Provided Funding for the purchase and testing the Activeion Ionator EXP Cleaning System, a cleaning system that reduces water usage by using no water to mix chemicals and still effectively kills more than 99.9 percent of harmful germs. The Activeion Ionator Systems also element chemical odor and residue caused by other cleaning systems. Initially, Facilities and Services Building Services will purchase 20 units to evaluate in daily cleaning operations in buildings the University campus.

ECI Educational Funding

The Student Sustainability Committee, in conjunction with the Environmental Change Institute, has chosen to solicit proposals for the development of sustainability courses. This will allow the SSC to have a hand in choosing proposals to support, while the ECI will manage the projects and administration. In FY2010 the program received ten course proposals, six of which were chosen for funding.

A maximum of $15,000 in funding was made available, with individual grants of up to $5,000.

Prairie Project Instructional Workshop

The Prairie Project is a faculty development workshop on the University of Illinois campus that is meant to prepare faculty to teach about sustainability and introduce sustainability issues into their existing coursework. Eighteen faculty members who teach thousands of students each year will make up the interdisciplinary group that the project reaches out to. This is a pilot project that is meant to serve as a basis for future workshops.

ISTC Lighting Retrofits

The Waste Management Research Center (WMRC), now known as the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC), received a grant from the Student Sustainability Committee to replace the lights in offices and laboratories with more energy efficient fixtures. The grant was also used to install occupancy sensors in the facility.

The SSC gave $23,450 to the ISTC to replace 212 fluorescent fixtures. Costs of the project ended up only totaling $22,642.70, and the ISTC returned $807.20 to the SSC. Annual savings from the replacement of these fixtures should amount to about $4,820.

Illini Union Audit and Retrofits

An Energy Audit and Retrofitting of the Illini Union was funded by the Student Sustainability Committee in 2006. In 2007, the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) completed the audit with help from students. As suggested by the audit, lighting retrofits are planned for the Union. The total cost of these retrofits is $90,000, but they will save the Union $28,900 per year in electricity costs. Retrofits will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 469 tons per year.

Green Allerton Wood-fired Boiler

An Outdoor Wood-fired Boiler system was funded to replace a natural gas heating system at Allerton Park. By replacing the previous system, CO2 emissions will be eliminated and there will be a substantial cost savings. The use of a renewable resource (wood), obtained from landscape management at the park grounds in place of a non-renewable one (natural gas), combined with the greenhouse gas emissions reduction will help increase campus sustainability. The Student Sustainability Committee Granted the project $25,500.

Illinois Natural History Survey: LEED Silver

The Illinois Natural History Survey was awarded the LEED Silver Certification on August 1, 2012. The building received 36 of the 69 possible points. With a staff of over 200 scientists and technicians, the Illinois Natural History Survey is recognized as the premier natural history survey in the nation. The resources needed to effectively support the Survey have changed considerably since their current headquarters building was completed in 1942.  

Nugent Hall: LEED Silver

Nugent Hall (the Champaign Housing Residence Halls Phase A) was awarded the LEED Silver Certification on January 20, 2011. Nugent received 34 of the 69 possible points on the LEED Scorecard. The construction was especially strong in the Indoor Environmental Quality, receiving 13 of the 15 possible points in that area. Nagle Hartray was selected as the Architect of Record in order to ease the transition in the unusual project delivery approach.

Ikenberry Dining Hall: LEED Silver

The Ikenberry Commons Dining Hall was awarded the LEED Silver Certification on August 17, 2011. The dining hall received 34 of the 69 possible points on the LEED Scorecard. Energy saving features of the facility include recycled content in 20 percent of the materials used to construct the building; water-efficient plumbing fixtures; energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling; low-VOC paints, coatings, and sealants; and a white reflective roof that reduces the need for cooling.


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