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Illinois Green Office Challenge

The Illinois Green Office Challenge is an impact-driven program that encourages friendly competition among offices/office buildings to adopt sustainable practices. By participating in the Challenge, individual offices or entire buildings earn points for their companies while helping make Illinois more competitive, livable, and sustainable.

Green My Crib

Green My Crib is a competition between sorority houses to see which chapter can make their house the most sustainable. The University of Illinois Greek community represents 23% of the undergraduate population on campus, over 7,300 students. Most of the Greek students at the University reside in their sorority or fraternity houses for at least a year. The current recycling and energy efficient efforts by sororities are lacking and with such a huge population comes responsibility. Chapters will receive points based on 4 categories: energy, waste, green purchasing, and education.

Wind Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

From November 2016 through October 2026, the Urbana campus will receive a percentage-based portion of the wind-generated electricity and associated environmental attributes from the Rail Splitter Wind Farm located north of Lincoln, Illinois. The power purchase agreement (PPA) specifies that 8.6% of the total wind generation from the farm will be sold to the university, which is expected to be an annual amount of more than 25,000 megawatt-hours (MWh).

Main Library Steam Reduction Project

This project was to reduce the need for burning coal to fulfill the campus steam energy demand, by reducing the steam load at the Main Library.  The Library’s annual utility expense is almost $1.3 million with steam accounting for $775,000 of it. Much of the steam distribution equipment is original and in need of replacement. 


This project was initiated after the F&S Retrocommissioning (RCx) team completed RCx.  The RCx report includes a nice summary of the Main Library’s systems:

Sheltered Bike Parking at CLSL

The goal of this project is to construct an area for students, graduate students, faculty, and staff who frequent the Chemical and Life Sciences Building and Roger Adams Laboratory to stow their bicycles in a secure location throughout the day (or night) that is sheltered from the elements.  Proposed locations of this structure would be either one of the grassy spaces between these two buildings on the south side courtyard.

Recycling for the Quad

This project will improve the waste process in and around the Quad.  First the project will provide a recycling bin to be placed next to each existing bin.  Then signage will be changed and color coded to clearly indicate that the new bins are for recycling and the existing bins will be used for only landfill material.  In addition, additional signage will be placed in buildings on the Quad to launch new standards and clarifying what can be recycled.  These new signs will assist to inform a community that currently believes all material is sorted on site.

Zero Waste Gameday Challenge Fall 2014

This year’s University of Illinois Homecoming game against the Minnesota Golden Gophers is about more than Orange and Blue – it is also about Green.  For the first time, various campus and community partners are working together to raise awareness and have a positive lasting impact at the inaugural Zero-Waste Football Game.  Hundreds of volunteers from all over the Urbana-Champaign community will assist the thousands of spectators in reducing waste – from the money spent sending materials to landfill to the volume of materials that impact our water, air, and soil.

Sustainable Electronics Campus Consortium

The Sustainable Electronics Initiative (SEI) and its host agency, the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC), are coordinating meetings of individuals interested in fostering research, education, and policy related to sustainable electronics on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The foundational meeting was held at ISTC headquarters in Champaign, IL on October 2, 2013. Meetings are arranged around the broad topics of research, education, and operations; some meetings may represent an overlap of one or more of these themes.


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