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Bike Shelter at Flagg Hall

Bicycle Shelter is an enclosed structure where bicycles may be stored. This Bike Shelter is 14' x 63' utilizing Side Stage (vertical) bike racks, and it can accommodate up to 73 bicycles in two tiers. The bike shelter was installed in June 2021 and is ready for use. This project will help the University to improve its Bicycle Friendly University (BFU) status.

University Guiding Principles

As a great public university system, we are accountable to many different individuals and communities – on our campuses, throughout Illinois and around the world. This accountability includes making clear where we stand on issues that affect our academic enterprise, our students, our faculty and staff, and our campus culture.

Green Roof on Illinois Street Residence Hall

Illinois Street Residence Hall is receiving a renovation, including a new food hall space. The roof of this food hall will have a green roof installed on top. This green roof was added as part of their plan to improve building efficiency and sustainability, and showcase a vibrant residential experience to students, parents, and guests who visit camps, as well install climate control additions.

Green Roof on Undergraduate Library

Atop the Undergraduate Library is a rooftop terrace that features the building entrances, seating, and look down into the lower courtyard. This rooftop also has tree pockets built into the roof, that are supported by building infrastructure featured in the orginal plans for the building. The trees in these pockets make the terrace into a green roof for the UNdergraduate Library. They provide protection from direct sunlight and the evaporation of moisure off of plant material that can cool the buidling's rooftops and lowering energy costs from cooling while increasing the roofs lifespan.

Green Roof on Bousfield Hall

The roofing material on Bousfield is designed to reduce solar heat absorption, keeping the environment cooler and using less energy for air conditioning. In addition to other materials used to accomplish this, small patches of green roof located on the north and southwest sides of the building were also added.  The landscape, including these patches of green roof, is designed with native and drought-tolerant plants to reduce dependency on potable water, as well as reduce the amount of maintenance that needs to be done to support the green roof plants.

State Waste Reduction Plan

According to the Control Mandate #13 - Solid Waste Management Act (415 ILCS 20/3.1 thru 20/3.1), each State-supported institution of higher learning shall develop a comprehensive waste reduction plan covering a period of 10 years which addresses the management of solid waste generated by academic, administrative, student housing and other institutional functions.


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